A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair

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Christians are awakening to the legacy of racism in America like never before. While public conversations regarding the realities of racial division and inequalities have surged in recent years, so has the public outcry to work toward the long-awaited healing of these wounds. But American Christianity, with its tendency to view the ministry of reconciliation as its sole response to racial injustice, and its isolation from those who labor most diligently to address these things, is underequipped to offer solutions. Because of this, the church needs a new perspective on its responsibility for the deep racial brokenness at the heart of American culture and on what it can do to repair that brokenness.

This book makes a compelling historical and theological case for the church's obligation to provide reparations for the oppression of African Americans. Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson articulate the church's responsibility for its promotion and preservation of white supremacy throughout history, investigate the Bible's call to repent and make restitution, and offer concrete examples of the work of reparation at the local level. They lead readers toward a moral imagination that views reparations as a long-overdue and necessary step in our collective journey toward healing and wholeness.

Introduction: Generations without Recompense 
1. The Call to See
2. Seeing the Reality of White Supremacy
3. Seeing the Effect of White Supremacy
4. The Call to Own
5. Owning the Ethic of Restitution
6. Owning the Ethic of Restoration
7. The Call to Repair


"Duke Kwon and Greg Thompson do a compelling job of laying out the historic legitimacy, the moral necessity, and the biblical urgency for reparations from slavery. With a kind of whiplash effect, they frequently let centuries-old voices speak into this very moment with shocking immediacy. American Christians, especially those of us who are White, should read, internalize, and act upon these arguments with our whole being. May Christ's loving reign over new hearts, minds, and systems reorder the powers of this world that all may freely and justly live."

Mark Labberton, president, Fuller Theological Seminary

The Authors

  1. Duke L. Kwon

    Duke L. Kwon

    Duke L. Kwon (MDiv, ThM, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is the lead pastor at Grace Meridian Hill, a congregation in the Grace DC Network in Washington, DC, whose mission includes the commitment to build cross-cultural community. As a Korean...

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  2. Gregory Thompson

    Gregory Thompson

    Gregory Thompson (PhD, University of Virginia) is a pastor, scholar, artist, and producer whose work focuses on race and equity in the United States. He serves as executive director of Voices Underground, an initiative to build a national memorial to the...

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