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Bring the Passion and the Joy Back to Your Faith

Even pastors struggle to keep going sometimes. When Dr. Jack Graham had major surgery ten years ago, he knew it would take a physical toll, but to his surprise, he also found himself wiped out emotionally and spiritually. He wrestled with depression and a lack of spiritual energy, slogging through instead of soaring in his walk with Christ.

Maybe you have suffered a crisis of your own. Perhaps you're in the fight of your life even now. It could be that the busyness of life has slowly overtaken you, distracting you from what really matters and sapping your spiritual strength. How do you start to walk by faith again?

In Reignite, Dr. Graham shares the painful but profitable lessons he learned during his own dark night of the soul. He shares biblical insights on how to keep your relationship with God from growing stale, how to focus on Jesus even while enduring screaming pain, and how to make the most of your years on earth, creating a legacy that advances the kingdom of God.

For those who follow Jesus, God has promised a triumphant life and an eternity of joyous celebration. The still better news is that we can embrace this joy and victory here and now.

Let Reignite help show you how.


"In an ever-changing world, we are in desperate need of a never-changing standard and perspective that should govern our lives and guide our decisions. My good friend Jack Graham has given us a solid, biblically sound tool to encourage, inspire, and instruct us in how to have, keep, and expand a faith that lasts."

Dr. Tony Evans, president, the Urban Alternative; senior pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

"I have known Jack Graham since our teenage years and can personally attest to the fact that every truth found within these pages has been beaten out of the anvil of his own faith experience. His character is beyond reproach, and his reputation is spotless. If you are in need of a fresh focus on your own faith, this is the place to begin the journey and to reignite!"

O.S. Hawkins, PhD, author of the bestselling Code series, including The Joshua Code and The Bible Code

"My pastor, pastor Jack Graham, is one of the most dynamic and inspirational leaders of faith of our time. Reignite is an inspirational book that will inspire you to reactivate your personal relationship with Christ. It is a must read for all Christians who want to be on fire for Jesus Christ."

Coach Todd Graham, head football coach, University of Hawaii

"It's rare when the pastor of a megachurch opens the doors of his soul to candidly share a journey of faith that has elements of fear and doubt. Jack Graham does just that in Reignite, and as he describes his walk, we better understand our own."

Mike Huckabee, host, Huckabee

"Jack Graham is a beloved pastor, respected teacher, and clear thinker. As you will see in this wonderful book, Jack is also a fellow struggler. None of us get through life pain-free. But God uses men like Jack and messages like these to keep us strong."

Max Lucado, teaching minister, Oak Hills Church

"Jack Graham has shown for decades he is a usable tool in the Lord's hands. He's a strong leader, powerful preacher, and good friend, but Reignite adds to the list . . . vulnerable shepherd. As he shares his own heartfelt journey you will be encouraged. Let Dr. Graham lead you to reignite the flame of your heart."

Gregg Matte, pastor, Houston's First Baptist Church

"Let's be honest. It can be hard for strong, forceful leaders to admit weakness. Yet this book is a frank, heartfelt discussion about the challenge of overcoming personal despair to reignite passion and purpose. Jack owns the struggle, providing testimony that will comfort, encourage, challenge, and reignite your heart too."

Dr. David H. McKinley, pastor-teacher, Warren Baptist Church

"Pastor Jack Graham is one of the great spiritual leaders in our world. This book will help you. Read it all. Read it now."

Reverend Johnnie Moore, president, the Congress of Christian Leaders; founder, the KAIROS Company

"Reading this book was like sitting in Dr. Graham's home, listening to him share about the tough moments he's faced and the timely lessons he's learned. This book is a tremendous encouragement, personal and biblical just like its author--very open, very honest, very helpful. Thank you, Jack!"

Robert J. Morgan, author and speaker

"My friend Jack Graham is one of the most vulnerable and humble leaders I have ever met. In Reignite, he shares his story of battling anxiety and depression and how returning to the fundamentals of our faith led him to healing. This book is a balm for every weary soul living in troubling times."

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, lead pastor, New Season; president, NHCLC; author, You Are Next; executive producer, Breakthrough

"If this highly effective leader, known for his call and drive, can fall into a pit of darkness, then all of us are susceptible. Jack's story of pushing back the invisible and being set ablaze by the love of the Creator is one every person must read and share with others."

Dr. Jay Strack, president, Student Leadership University

"I've had the privilege to serve under the leadership of Dr. Jack Graham for the last twenty years and have witnessed firsthand him live out the message of this book. In Reignite: Fresh Focus for Enduring Faith, Pastor Graham shares how the broken and burned out can experience a renewed sense of purpose and hope in the midst of uncertainty and pain."

Jarrett Stephens, teaching pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church; author, The Always God: He Hasn't Changed and You Are Not Forgotten

"What a read! Reignite will bring you to a place of greater faith, hope, and power! I greatly appreciated Pastor Jack Graham's life transparency, which is relational and leads to practical direction that will lift you out of any difficult time or season in your life."

Darryl Strawberry, four-time World Series Champion, eight-time All-Star, evangelist

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