Recovering from Purity Culture

Dismantle the Myths, Reject Shame-Based Sexuality, and Move Forward in Your Faith

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We know what is wrong with purity culture--now we need to know how to heal. Drawing on historical and psychological research, her own personal experience, and therapy case studies, Dr. Camden Morgante tackles what comes next in reclaiming our sexuality from the harmful teachings so many evangelical Christians grew up believing.

With great compassion and insight, Dr. Camden
· exposes five myths of purity culture and their effects on individuals and relationships
· offers proven therapy techniques to replace harmful lies with healing truth
· provides strategies to overcome shame in the mind and body
· explores the connection between purity culture, trauma, and faith deconstruction
· helps the hurting reconstruct their faith with peace and acceptance

A healthy sexuality is not out of reach for those who have been harmed by purity culture. You can find freedom from shame, restrictive gender roles, and stunted relationships. Dr. Camden shows you the way forward.


"This is an essential guide for life after purity culture for women who want to deconstruct the myths that hurt them without leaving behind the faith they love. Weaving together stories from Dr. Morgante's own life and the lives of others, critical analysis of what purity culture is and why it is harmful, and practical strategies for recovering from those wounds, this book will help readers more deeply know that their bodies were never the problem--only the stories told about them."

Dr. Hillary L. McBride, registered psychologist, podcaster, and author of The Wisdom of Your Body and Holy Hurt

"In her debut book, Dr. Camden Morgante provides a refreshing, compassionate, and needed corrective to the harmful teachings of purity culture. This book is an essential resource for those who are working to untangle their faith from the destructive legacy around sexuality and embodiment that has been rampant within Christian spaces."

Aundi Kolber, MA, LPC, therapist, author of Try Softer and Strong like Water

"Recovering from Purity Culture by Dr. Camden Morgante is a well-written, well-researched, and compassionate guide for individuals coming out of purity culture who are looking for ways to renegotiate their experiences and faith in a way that feels authentic to them. Dr. Morgante offers her readers many therapeutic skills and tools to get them started on their own journey of recovery without requiring them to take on her own views and opinions. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to recover from the impact that purity culture has had on them."

Dr. Laura Anderson, author of When Religion Hurts You

"Dr. Camden Morgante, in her book Recovering from Purity Culture, warmly invites readers into her office and charts a journey from the harms of purity culture, through faith deconstruction, to the rebuilding of one's sexual ethic. As a trustworthy and credible guide, Dr. Morgante offers a much-needed healing resource for countless individuals."

Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD, Dr. Arthur P. Rech and Mrs. Jean May Rech Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College, director of the Sexual and Gender Identity Institute

"Reading Camden Morgante's book gave me renewed hope that the generation who grew up within purity culture could reclaim both their faith and their sexuality. Dr. Morgante takes a comprehensive and compassionate approach to various harmful effects of purity culture, giving readers the tools needed to identify how purity teachings negatively impacted them and to discover a 'values-congruent sexual ethic.' As such, Recovering from Purity Culture is a work of reconstruction. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a both/and approach to sexuality in a world of either/or answers."

Katelyn Beaty, author of Celebrities for Jesus, editorial director of Brazos Press

"So many of us were deeply harmed by purity culture and don't know how to reclaim a healthy sexual ethic informed by consent and wisdom. Dr. Morgante doesn't give readers the 'right' answer but instead gives them tools to answer the question themselves."

Tim Whitaker, creator of The New Evangelicals

"Dr. Morgante exposes the dehumanization that both young men and young women suffered under the guise of spiritual wisdom, but she doesn't stop there. She untangles the webs of shame and self-hatred that purity culture myths brought into our lives and then courageously rebuilds a healthy sexual ethic that Christians so desperately need and hunger for. I am so grateful for this guidebook's assistance in unlearning and learning such tragically beautiful lessons here. Thank you."

Dr. Andrew J. Bauman, founder of the Christian Counseling Center for Sexual Health & Trauma, author of Safe Church

"Surviving purity culture is no small task, and rebuilding our lives in its aftermath is often the hardest part. In these pages, purity culture survivors will find clear and compassionate guidance from someone who has been there and has the psychological expertise to provide a path forward."

Devi Abraham, cofounder and host of the Where Do We Go from Here? podcast

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  1. Dr. Camden Morgante
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    Dr. Camden Morgante

    Dr. Camden Morgante is a licensed psychologist with nearly 15 years of experience as a therapist and college professor. She owns a private therapy practice focusing on women's issues, relationships, sexuality, trauma, and spirituality, and is a frequent...

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