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Reading Wisdom and Psalms as Christian Scripture

A Literary, Canonical, and Theological Introduction

series: Reading Christian Scripture

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  1. Introduction to Wisdom Literature and Psalms: Faith Seeking Understanding
    2. Proverbs: Fear Seeking Understanding
    3. Theological Themes in Proverbs (1)
    4. Theological Themes in Proverbs (2)
    5. Job: Suffering Seeking Understanding
    6. Theological Themes in Job (1)
    7. Theological Themes in Job (2)
    8. Ecclesiastes: Finitude Seeking Understanding
    9. Theological Themes in Ecclesiastes
    10. Song of Songs: Desire Seeking Understanding
    11. Theological Themes in Song of Songs
    12. Psalms: Praise Seeking Understanding
    13. Theological Themes in Psalms


"Do not let the size of this concise volume fool you: Ansberry provides here an attractive and accessible but also remarkably thorough, completely up-to-date, and highly learned introduction to Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and the Psalms. I was repeatedly both instructed and impressed. This may well be the best--even the ideal--textbook on this corpus for classroom (and personal) use currently available."

Brent A. Strawn, D. Moody Smith Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and professor of law, Duke University

"This creative and informative book offers, like Lady Wisdom, a rich and interactive feast to its readers. In this rich survey of wisdom literature and Psalms, Ansberry offers a profound set of theological readings that celebrates the way Christians have imbibed and ingested these ancient texts over many centuries. His engaging chapters delve deep into the biblical texts and celebrate their reception by artists, sculptors, and dramatists as well as by many generations of scholars and believers."

Katharine Dell, professor of Old Testament literature and theology, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

"Taking its cue from Saint Anselm's definition of theology, Ansberry's introduction is a masterful treatment of the wisdom literature, Psalms, and Song of Songs. It engagingly addresses literary, theological, and historical issues, canonical connections, and reception history, including artistic representation. It is an ideal textbook that will engage students on a multitude of levels."

William P. Brown, Columbia Theological Seminary

"I've been studying and writing on Psalms and the books in the wisdom tradition of the Old Testament for over four decades, and Christopher Ansberry's new book helped expand my understanding of these fascinating books. He writes in an extremely accessible style, so whether you are a new student or a veteran of this literature, you will come to a better understanding of the literary, theological, and canonical contribution of these books. I enthusiastically recommend this book not only for the classroom but also for all who want to grow in their knowledge of these biblical books, for as they do, they will grow in their knowledge of God."

Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

"This wonderful volume orients readers to relevant themes and literary techniques and enriches our understanding of these notable wisdom and poetic books as Christian Scripture. Ansberry engages with important theological themes that have relevance for living out our faith in humility, faithfulness, and honesty before the Lord. The beautiful illustrations are invaluable and contribute to an enhanced reading experience."

May Young, associate professor of biblical studies / Old Testament and director of the biblical studies program, Taylor University

"I wish that this book had been available when I was a student! Chris Ansberry is a sage guide--technically astute and theologically engaged--regarding Wisdom and the Psalms. These pages are full of compelling images, informative sidebars, and elegant prose--all pointing to the God-given richness of biblical truth."

Daniel Treier, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology, director of PhD program, Wheaton College

"Reading Wisdom and Psalms as Christian Scripture has made me fall in love with these formative books more than ever before! With attention to poetics, historical context, and intertextuality, Ansberry shows how each book offers a unique vantage point of 'faith seeking understanding.' He introduces readers to key interpretive and theological issues, both historical and contemporary, inviting them into an ancient and global conversation with those who desire to know and fear the Lord."

Elizabeth H. P. Backfish, associate professor of Hebrew Bible, Jessup University

"Christopher Ansberry has produced an aesthetically satisfying and powerfully illuminating introduction from a Christian perspective for a typical poetry and wisdom literature course for advanced undergraduates and seminarians. Not only is it written in easily understandable yet beautiful prose, but its numerous sidebars have gorgeous, apropos illustrations and helpful diagrams. Ansberry's great breadth is reflected in his use of philosophy and historical theology as lenses for synthesizing and interpreting this important biblical corpus."

Mark Sneed, professor of Bible, Lubbock Christian University

"Ansberry is an excellent guide to the main themes and interpretive issues surrounding the wisdom books, the Psalms, and the Song of Songs. The book is well written, engaging, and well informed, and it always keeps in focus how these works of Christian Scripture relate to the life of faith. Ansberry has an excellent theological sense and is particularly attentive to questions of philosophy, virtue ethics, and New Testament connections. Highly recommended!"

Scott C. Jones, professor of biblical studies, Covenant College

The Author

  1. Christopher B. Ansberry

    Christopher B. Ansberry

    Christopher B. Ansberry (PhD, Wheaton College Graduate School) is associate professor of biblical and religious studies at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He previously taught at Oak Hill College in London and at Wheaton College. He is the...

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