Reading Koine Greek

An Introduction and Integrated Workbook

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For your students, vocabulary flash cards, parsing flash cards, and audio files for Reading Koine Greek are available. Enter the student site to find out more.

Note from the Author

Please bear in mind that since words have meaning only in context, vocabulary flash cards and parsing flash cards, which provide no contexts, are necessarily artificial exercises aimed only at helping students build up mental repertoires of possibilities to be tried out when reading actual texts. Not every meaning or parsing on a flash card will be an actual possibility in any given concrete context, and not every possible meaning or parsing for a given form necessarily appears on its flash card. In the parsing flash cards, the aim is to learn to recognize possibilities based on form alone without context. As a result (to note one set of examples that may startle some Greek instructors), every first aorist passive form in theta and every second aorist passive form in eta is parsed as both passive and middle, since (as Reading Koine Greek explains) some words in these forms either sometimes or always convey middle rather than passive meaning. No claim is implied that every such form has middle force in actual usage in the literature.

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