Reading German for Theological Studies

A Grammar and Reader

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Every PhD student in biblical studies is expected to read German, but there are surprisingly few resources to help students learn to read and translate scholarly theological works.

This streamlined grammar and reader by an experienced teacher and German-language expert presents biblical passages and theological readings of gradually increasing difficulty. The book introduces students to the German language immediately with readings from the Bible, using familiar passages to help students see sentence patterns. Exercises for the beginning readings focus on the grammar of the sentences. Students are then introduced to dictionary articles and excerpts from essays and books, and they can check their translations against the answers given in the back of the book. As students complete the exercises, they gradually learn vocabulary and gain an understanding of how German sentences are formed. By the end of the book, students should be able to read articles on their own.

The book includes readings from:

· The Old and New Testaments
· Walter Bauer
· Karl Barth
· Dietrich Bonhoeffer
· Gerhard Lohfink
· Jürgen Moltmann
· And several important German theological dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries.

Suited for self-study or classroom use, this book helps students gain the proficiency needed for scholarly theological research.


How to Get the Most from This Book
Instructions for Readings 1-6
1. Amos 2,1-3
2. Amos 2,4-5
3. Amos 2,6-7
4. Amos 3,1-2
5. Amos 3,13-15
6. Amos 7,1-3
Instructions for Readings 7-16
7. Matthäus 7,24-27
8. Lukas 10,25-37
9. Matthäus 5,13-16
10. Matthäus 8,1-4
11. Markus 1,40-45
12. Lukas 5,12-16
13. Matthäus 14,13-21
14. Markus 6,30-44
15. Lukas 9,10b-17
16. Johannes 6,1-15
17. Die synoptische Frage
18. Bethlehem
19. Beelzebul
20. Jeremias, Der Prophet Amos
21. Die soziale Krise des 8. Jahrhunderts
22. Johannes der Täufer
23. Moltmann, Christliche Erneuerungen
24. Bonhoeffer, Tischgemeinschaft
Instructions for Readings 25-29
25. Pneumatologie and Spiritualität
26. Luther
27. Calvin
28. Zwingli
29. Klauck, "Am Ende einer Reise"
30. "An die Kulturwelt!"
31. Barth, Vorwort zu Der Römerbrief
32. Barth, Nachwort zu Schleiermacher
33. Bonhoeffer, "Beichte und Abendmahl"
34. Die Barmer Erklärung
35. Ein Vortrag über Niemöller
36. Bauer, Rechtgläubigkeit und Ketzerei im ältesten Christentum
Instructions for Readings 37-45
37. Glaube
38. Theologische Themen in ihren biblischen Kontexten
39. Moltmann, "Folgen der Nachfolge"
40. Grillmeier, Jesus der Christus im Glauben der Kirche
41. Barth, Der Römerbrief
42. Paulus als Seelsorger
43. Lohfink, Wem gilt die Bergpredigt?
44. Lohfink, Das Vaterunser
45. Ein Lied in Fraktur Schrift
Learning Resources
Supplementary Bible Readings
Zahlen (Numbers)
Reference Grammar
Answer Key to Assignments
Works Cited
German-English Glossary

The Author

  1. Carolyn Roberts Thompson

    Carolyn Roberts Thompson

    Carolyn Roberts Thompson (MAT, Southwest Texas State University) has taught German for reading theological texts for over three decades at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. She was a presenter and consultant for the College Board on preparing...

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