Re-Create Your World

Find Your Voice, Shape the Culture, Change the World

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From social media to YouTube to TV to music, the media and celebrities are tirelessly and wirelessly trying to shape who are and who you will become. But God created you to create, to shape the culture around you instead of being shaped by it. He has given you a dream and the ability to make that dream a reality. Either you dream or you are controlled by others' dreams, the choice is yours. Are you ready to recreate your world?

The Authors

  1. Ron Luce

    Ron Luce

    Ron and Katie Luce founded Teen Mania in 1986. Today Ron serves as president of the ministry, rallying teens who pack arenas and stadiums for events called Acquire the Fire. Teens also come to the 472-acre headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas for leadership...

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  2. Charity Luce

    Charity Luce

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