Raising Families the Jesus Way

Biblical Insights for Godly Parenting and Shaping Future Generations

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How to Raise Godly Kids Today so They Can Transform Tomorrow

In today's culture, raising godly kids is harder--and more important--than ever. In this innovative new book, pastors Frank and Mary Garcia team up with their adult children, Sarah and Sal, to offer you powerful, practical keys to grow your family God's way.

As Mary and Frank share parenting tips, advice, encouragement, and how-tos, Sarah and Sal share their own insights on how these same lessons shaped and impacted them. Engaging, profound, and humorous, each chapter digs deep into the rich soil of God's Word, going past surface solutions to discover the root issues of difficult behaviors and parenting problems, including how to

· have a healthy soul to be a godly model to your kids,
· discipline effectively, not harshly,
· resolve sibling rivalry, 
· protect family time, 
· nourish your child's identity and gifting, 
· discern and break generational strongholds, 
· and more. 

Full of rich wisdom and practical application, this real-world guide ultimately shows how you can shape future generations by becoming the godly role model and support your kids need.


"Have you ever met a family that had an incredible culture? They were full of love, joy, and peace? The Garcia family has that, and I'm so excited about their new book. You don't have to be raised in a great family or even feel like you have an incredible culture in your family now. With their insights, you can begin to work toward building a house full of love. There is really nothing more important." 

Matt Brown, evangelist, author of Truth Plus Love, founder of Think Eternity

"The parent-child team of Mary, Frank, Sarah, and Sal Garcia brings the focus back to God and the family in this parenting book for such a time as this."

1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury

"Mary, Sarah, Sal, and Frank are the truest examples of everything they write in this book. Their book is packed full of applicable truths, relevant examples at every turn and so much encouragement. This book is incredibly refreshing and will truly be a game-changer for families!"

Masey McClain, actress in I'm Not Ashamed, author

"Having witnessed Sarah's life since we were teenagers, I feel it's too right to share thoughts not as an artist but as her friend. Her life speaks even louder than the heartfelt text in this book. She is a woman who is loyal to her community, is passionate about Jesus and above all else honors her parents. The unquestionable fact about her work is that it is always pure and authentic."

Moriah Smallbone, artist and writer, wife to Joel Smallbone (For King & Country)

"I have known the Garcia family for two decades and consider them to be dear friends. What you will find in this book is the very reason why they are so special. Full of humor, truth, and practical wisdom, Raising Families the Jesus Way is a wonderful dive into the special relationship between a father, mother, daughter and son told from each of their individual perspectives. Mary, Sarah, Sal, and Frank will take you deep into just what it takes to be a loving parent and a loving child in a world that does its best to tear families apart. I highly recommend you read this book!"

Amir Tsarfati, founder and president of Behold Israel Ministries

"I have yet to start a family of my own, but it's something I am prayerfully preparing to do with Jesus at the center. I've loved getting to see the practical application of how to do just that through the wisdom and experiences of the Garcia family. Filled with insights, challenges, and how to overcome those challenges with a God-fearing perspective, they have been a real blessing to me. Both in my life today, and in the future family I hope to raise." 

Michael Andrew, Olympic gold medalist and world record holder

The Authors

  1. Mary Garcia
    © Sal Garcia of Sal Garcia Productions

    Mary Garcia

    Mary Garcia has her master's in marriage and family counseling and has been a certified biblical and family counselor for 30 years.

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  2. Sarah Garcia
    © Sal Garcia of Sal Garcia Productions

    Sarah Garcia

    Sarah Garcia has her master's in counseling ministry and is a certified youth and family counselor. She loves to disciple teen girls, and she owns Glorify Apparel.

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  3. Sal Garcia
    © Sal Garcia of Sal Garcia Productions

    Sal Garcia

    Sal Garcia has a double master's in computer and electrical engineering, and he has 15 years of experience in discipling young men. Together, the Garcias have a passion to raise up godly families.

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  4. Frank Garcia
    © Sal Garcia of Sal Garcia Productions

    Frank Garcia

    Frank Garcia has been involved in ministry for over 40 years, pastoring, counseling, and teaching parenting courses.

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