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The Body of Christ is called to be a prophetic community. When we embrace this calling, hear God's voice and speak it forth, we release His words with fresh power where they are desperately needed--in the Church and the family, in the halls of justice and of education, in places of business and of leisure, and in the streets of every neighborhood, city and nation.

An international speaker and highly regarded prophetic voice, Kim Maas will help you understand

· the history of the modern prophetic movement
· key misunderstandings and misconceptions
· what a prophetic community is--and your place in it

Join the powerful community of God's people! Lives will be changed. Communities will be transformed. Culture will be influenced. And history will be made.

"Kim Maas is one of the strongest prophetic voices in our country, and especially so among women."
--RANDY CLARK, D.Min., overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; from the afterword

"Kim has successfully delivered a book on the prophetic that is balanced, captivating and edgy all at the same time."--JENNIFER EIVAZ, founder, Harvest Ministries International; author, Seeing the Supernatural and Glory Carriers

Kim M. Maas is an international speaker and the founder of Kim Maas Ministries. She has trained and equipped churches, ministries and individuals in the U.S. and overseas to operate in the gift of prophecy. She holds dual ordination with The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. Kim and her husband, Mike, live in Moorpark, California. Learn more at


"I came to know Kim during our doctoral studies in seminary, and she became such a delightful friend in the Spirit. It was obviously a huge joy for her to experience the supernatural life of Jesus in her ministry. True prophetic gifting is a life-giving, transformative dimension of our salvation. Learn from Kim about spreading that gifting throughout our church communities!"

Dr. Rolland Baker, co-founder, Iris Global

"As individuals we live, move and have our being in an inner community of four. Three of them share the most powerful creative Oneness in the Kingdom. Kim writes very eloquently and biblically from that same shared space. No one is safe from a blessing when the people of God are abiding in Christ."

Graham Cooke, owner, Brilliant Perspectives

"I'm so excited about this book! Kim has successfully delivered a book on the prophetic that is very balanced, captivating and edgy all at the same time. Her writing style is authentic, and her presentation is both spiritually deep and refreshingly pragmatic. You'll definitely want to buy this book not just for you, but for your ministry teams, too."

Jennifer Eivaz, founder, Harvest Ministries International; author, Seeing the Supernatural and Glory Carriers

"Thank you, Kim, for your testimony, your great teaching and your ministry in the prophetic. I can fully endorse this book. I have written three books on the prophetic, as well as a manual for teaching and training others in prophetic ministry of which we have trained over half a million on every continent. Prophetic Community will help many to be prophetic."

Bishop Bill Hamon, Christian International Apostolic and Global Networks; author, Prophets and the Prophetic Movement, Seventy Reasons for Speaking in Tongues, God's Weapons of War and more

"Kim Maas invites all believers to prophesy and to 'do the book of Acts' in her wonderful book Prophetic Community. I highly recommend this book for every believer who is hungry to grow in God and for leaders who desire to see those they are leading embrace Kingdom life."

Patricia King, founder, Patricia King Ministries

"Prophetic Community is what every church and every Christian needs now! Dr. Maas's deep and rich understanding of prophecy, biblical application and personal and corporate activation woven together through her wonderful, personal stories will inspire you and give you a whole new revelation and tool for bringing the Kingdom to earth."

Reverend Joanne M. Moody, pastor, Agape Freedom Fighters

"Prophetic Community by Kim Maas is an excellent book. Not only does she develop her own prophetic story and testimony, she then establishes the principles for others to enter in and hear what God is saying. The chapter on prophethood is especially powerful. Prophetic Community reveals to each believer the call to living a prophetic life. We all are called to prophesy, and this book helps you develop that gift."

Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, president, Global Spheres; president, Glory of Zion International

"Kim Maas's book is a major breakthrough in understanding the gift of prophecy. Kim bares her soul, describing a journey into a prophetic ministry as a model for the beginner, with unique, solid, biblical grounding showing the absolute importance of prophecy in the commission of Jesus to all of us."

Jon Mark Ruthven, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Global Awakening Theological Seminary

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  1. Kim M. Maas
    Emily Okamoto

    Kim M. Maas

    Kim M. Maas (M.Div., D.Min.) is a sought-after international speaker, author, and Christian minister. She is the president and CEO of Kim Maas Ministries, the founder and director of Women of Our Time, and the host of the Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas...

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