Profit at Any Cost?

Why Business Ethics Makes Sense

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As a young executive, Jerry Fleming wondered if making a profit and behaving ethically were even compatible. Years later, he discovered that ethical companies not only showed greater profits than their unethical competitors but also experienced greater employee satisfaction and public trust.
With corporate scandals in the headlines, Profit at any Cost? is Fleming's call for businesspeople to rethink how ethics are lived out in the marketplace. In so doing, he says, they will find greater peace, success, and profits. With real-life examples from his thirty-year business career, Fleming challenges readers to:

" see that the business world is not a separate playing field with its own "rules" examine the failures of energy-giant Enron and other troubled corporations
" understand how seemingly insignificant choices lead to unethical business practices
" discover four moral principles that lead to long-term success in business and life
" learn why ethical companies are more successful in the long run

With humor, poignant insights, and a wealth of research, Profit at Any Cost? will challenge and inspire men and women of all professions to bring integrity back to the workplace.


"We live in a relativistic society where we have lost our moorings or plum line. Profit at any cost has become the standard! Jerry Fleming's book combines personal, family, and business stories with logic and research that calls all of us to return to the foundation of truth and honesty, which should lead to a life of peace and prosperity by God's standards." --Dr. Hal W. Hadden, president, Christian Leadership Concepts

"Challenging, thought-provoking and timely. Leaders in business would benefit from pondering and embracing the timeless principles discussed in this book." --Randall P. Kozak, president, Pioneer Manufacturing, Inc.

"My typical business day involves communication with many professionals i.e. realtors, lawyers and contractors. Naturally, I almost always feel a sense of distrust or misrepresentation in working with these guys for the first time. This would be a great book for all those type of professions. To me business is and should be simple. This book reconfirms my belief, ethics and truth will always make it simple. It only gets complicated with deceit and misrepresentations and dishonesty." --W. T. Brogdon, Vice President, Real Estate, Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc.

"Ethical behavior is vital to a successful life. Jerry Fleming clearly makes this case with real life communication. I highly recommend this book to all of those who want to make a positive difference by the way they live their lives." --Ambassador Joe M. Rodgers

"Anyone who does not believe that ethics pays should read this book. Anyone who still does not believe that ethics pays should read the stock market listings!" --N. R. Augustine, retired chairman & CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp.

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