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365 Days of Growing in God’s Love and Strength

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A Year-Long Journey toward Strength, Truth, and Courage

Do you ever feel like it's just too much? From grades and relationships to trying to figure out your future, the daily pressures and anxieties can often be a lot to handle. The enemy uses every trick up his sleeve to drag you down, but God is on your side. This book will take you through God's Word to give you the strength and courage to confidently walk with Jesus every step of the way.  
Each day of the year you will explore powerful Scripture passages, encouraging teachings, thought-provoking questions, and practical steps for applying what you've learned. And little by little you'll find that you are flourishing in God's freedom, overcoming the enemy's lies, and discovering God's purpose and plan for you right where you are. 

The Authors

  1. Susie Larson
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    Susie Larson

    Susie Larson ( is a national speaker, bestselling author, and the host of the daily talk show Susie Larson Live heard on the Faith Radio Network with over 3.5 million downloads. She has written 20 books and numerous articles and has...

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  2. Carra Carr

    Carra Carr

    Carra Carr is a freelance writer, founder of True North Retreat Center, and a publishing veteran who's worked with many bestselling authors. Learn more at 

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