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The Book of Prayers

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Discover Focus, Direction and Deeper Intimacy for Your Prayer Life

By Jesus' example, we know that praying the Scriptures aloud brings powerful results. In this revised modern classic, Wesley and Stacey Campbell present a treasure trove of prayers straight from Scripture. Divided into 8 categories--including the prayers of Jesus, prayers of the apostles, prayers of wisdom, Psalms and more--this book gives you quick and easy access to 88 powerful, biblical prayers that speak to any situation in life.

Each section includes an introduction and practical instruction on how and when to pray each prayer. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned intercessor, this unique resource is one you will turn to again and again. It will lead you into deeper conversation with God.


"When Wesley and Stacey came and preached on Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers, the entire concept and application was revolutionary to us. You, too, can learn this timeless art of prayer through the oldest form known to man. Praying and declaring God's Word is powerful, and I know that it will change your life. Practice and experience this book!"

BENI JOHNSON, author, The Happy Intercessor and Healthy and Free

"Having worked with young people my whole ministry life, I can testify that Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers is a life-changing book! If you pray these prayers, your communion with God will change, your life will change . . . in fact, the whole world will change. Pray The Book of Prayers!"

BANNING LIEBSCHER, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

"One of the most valuable tools intercessors can use for prayer."

CINDY JACOBS, co-founder, Generals International

"As a leader who is passionate for the global 24/7 prayer and worship movement, I love Wesley and Stacey Campbell. They are a true father and mother in the body of Christ and have been fueling the prayer movement for years. Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers is the resource that everyone needs. It is practical, helpful and inspiring. I want to see it in every burn furnace I work with. Thanks, Wesley and Stacey. You have done our generation a fantastic service!"

Sean Feucht, founder, Burn 24/7; author, Fire and Fragrance, Culture of Revival, Integrity: The Character of the Kingdom; recording artist

"Nothing could connect heaven and earth more powerfully than praying God's Word. Wesley and Stacey Campbell's Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers will guide you into this dynamic experience."

C. Peter Wagner, founding chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

"What a wonderful and timely book! For years I've longed to see a compilation of practical, biblical prayers set forth in a simple way to teach believers how to pray the Bible. No prayer is more powerful than that which pleads God's promises. This marvelous book is clearly a heaven-sent answer in response to that deep desire."

Dr. Dick Eastman, international president, Every Home for Christ

"Praying the Bible has just gotten easier! Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers shows how to pray the Bible through directions and examples missing from many other prayer books. A more intimate and close relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ awaits you. Read on!"

Dutch Sheets, author, Intercessory Prayer

"As every church uses either hymnals or an overhead projector for worship, every intercessory ministry should use Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers in their prayer rooms! We have waited for years for such a resource--finally it is here! A practical, inspiring tool to give you language to commune with God. Extraordinary!"

James W. Goll, founder, God Encounters; international bestselling author, The Seer, The Lifestyle of a Prophet and many more

"I love Wesley and Stacey's stuff. Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers will equip youth everywhere with the resource needed to carry out this sweeping prayer revolution. I highly recommend this book!"

Lou Engle, The Elijah Revolution and TheCall

"Having worked with hundreds of thousands of new believers, we find they need one thing more than anything else: their own intimate, personal connection with God. Through meditating on the Word, through prayer and worship, and simply through time in the secret place, we find ourselves growing in glorious intimacy with the One who is worthy of our entire lives. Praying the Bible is a practical resource that helps everyone, whether they are the newest believers or have walked with God for many years. It's a simple guide to help all lovers of God grow in their pursuit of Him."

Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO, Iris Global

"Learning to pray the Bible changed my life and connected me to the heart of God more than anything I've ever done. If you take the tools in this book and use them consistently, you will grow in love for God and knowledge of Him."

Misty Edwards, senior leader and worship leader, International House of Prayer

The Authors

  1. Wesley Campbell

    Wesley Campbell

    Wesley Campbell ( is cofounder, with his wife, Stacey, of New Life Church, Be A Hero, Praying the Bible International, and Revival NOW! Ministries. He is also an international conference speaker and a member of the teaching...

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  2. Stacey Campbell

    Stacey Campbell

    Stacey Campbell, ( cofounder of the nonprofit organization Be A Hero, is founder and facilitator of the Canadian Prophetic Council and serves as a lifetime honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over...

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