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Practicing Christian Doctrine, 2nd Edition

An Introduction to Thinking and Living Theologically

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This introductory theology text helps students articulate basic Christian doctrines, think theologically so they can act Christianly in a diverse world, and connect Christian thought to their everyday lives of faith.

Written from a solidly evangelical yet ecumenically aware perspective, this book models a way of doing theology that is generous and charitable. It attends to history and contemporary debates and features voices from the global church. Sidebars made up of illustrative quotations, key Scripture passages, classic hymn texts, and devotional poetry punctuate the chapters.

The first edition of this book has been well received (over 25,000 copies sold). Updated and revised throughout, this second edition also includes a new section on gender and race as well as new end-of-chapter material connecting each doctrine to a spiritual discipline.

Introduction: To Practice Doctrine
1. Speaking of God: Theology and the Christian Life
2. Knowing God: Doctrines of Revelation and Scripture
3. The God We Worship: Doctrine of the Trinity
4. A Delightful World: Doctrines of Creation and Providence
5. Reflecting God's Image: Theological Anthropology
6. The Personal Jesus Christ: Christology
7. The Saving Work of Jesus Christ: Soteriology
8. The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life: Pneumatology
9. One Church in a Diverse World: Ecclesiology
10. Resurrection Hope: Eschatology
Benediction: A Prayer for the Practice of Christian Doctrine


"I have been using Beth Felker Jones's Practicing Christian Doctrine in my theology classes for years. It succeeds in its aim to be both evangelical and ecumenical: centered on the life-transforming power of the gospel with an openhearted posture toward the whole body of Christ. Readers don't have to follow Jones on every point in order to appreciate the way she evenhandedly treats the evangelical options on each doctrine. The second edition updates an already excellent book and provides even more direction on how doctrine informs discipleship. This book is, in my estimation, simply the best and most accessible introduction to theology for students new to the discipline. My students love it."

R. Lucas Stamps, chair of the Hobbs School of Theology and Ministry, Oklahoma Baptist University

"In this second edition, Jones renders what was already an excellent introductory text into an even more expansive and well-rounded articulation of Christian theology. Skillfully weaving together a thorough overview of Christian doctrine with some of the most pressing social and political issues currently facing American evangelicalism and Western modernity, Jones demonstrates courage and wisdom as she invites us not only into a deeper understanding of theology but also into a more faithful embodiment of the Gospel."

Jessica Wai-Fong Wong, associate professor of systematic theology, Azusa Pacific University

"Like two rivers converging, here biblical foundations and historic Christianity flow into a vision for a practical life of faith. Already one of the most sound and readable theology texts available, it now enlarges spiritual disciplines and social issues to be even more engaging, relevant, and inspirational. Beth Felker Jones writes with humility and conviction to evidence that doctrine is indispensable for evangelical Christianity and essential for knowing the living God."

W. Brian Shelton, professor of theology and Wesley Scholar in Residence, Asbury University

"With Practicing Christian Doctrine, Beth Felker Jones has offered teachers and learners everywhere a lovely gift. Here is an accessible introduction to Christian theology with application for the Christian life. This book has clear prose, classic quotes, and a worshipful purpose."

Phil Tallon, associate professor of theology, Houston Christian University

The Author

  1. Beth Felker Jones

    Beth Felker Jones

    Beth Felker Jones (PhD, Duke University) is professor of theology at Northern Seminary in Lisle, Illinois. She previously taught at Wheaton College. She is the author of numerous books, including Faithful: A Theology of Sex, God the Spirit:...

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