Politics for People Who Hate Politics

How to Engage without Losing Your Friends or Selling Your Soul

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There are myriad reasons politics are infuriating. From unjust policies to unholy politicians, we have righteous and justifiable reasons to be upset or walk away. Yet we must stay involved if we are to hold our fragile nation together, since the current division is unsustainable.

With more than two decades of experience working in the highest levels of government, insider Denise Grace Gitsham offers a remedy to America's dark political reality: Christians filled with light, love, and Christ's heart for unity. With spiritual insights, hard-earned political lessons, and practical advice, she helps you

· lean into--rather than away from--politics
· maintain peace
· engage with wisdom and discernment
· love those you disagree with while standing firm on God's truth
· serve as a unifying force
· embrace God's plan for our nation and the world

As citizens of heaven, with access to the Holy Spirit's wisdom and power, we can engage in politics God's way: with the countercultural love, integrity, and unity that will heal our land.

The Author

  1. Denise Grace Gitsham

    Denise Grace Gitsham

    Prior to starting her own public affairs consulting firm, Denise Grace Gitsham worked at the highest levels of federal government from the White House to the US Senate, in law firms, for startups, and as a candidate for Congress. A graduate of the Georgetown...

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