Paul and Scripture

Studying the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

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"[Moyise] is eminently successful in providing an introductory text that would be a useful companion to an upper-level undergraduate or seminary course on Paul and his letters."--David Lincicum, Religious Studies Review
There are over one hundred explicit quotations of Scripture in Paul's letters and at least two hundred allusions. The coming of Jesus and the birth of the church caused Paul to look at the Scriptures with new eyes, sometimes clarifying what was written and sometimes reinterpreting it. This volume illuminates Paul's use of the Old Testament, providing a big-picture overview for students of the New Testament. Steve Moyise, a recognized expert on the use of the Old Testament in the New, discusses Paul's handling of creation stories, Abraham, Moses, the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. He then assesses competing contemporary approaches to Paul's interpretations of Scripture.
1. Paul and the Creation Stories
2. Paul and Abraham
3. Paul and Moses
4. Paul and the Law
5. Paul and the Prophets: Israel and the Gentiles
6. Paul and the Prophets: The Life of the Christian Community
7. Paul and the Writings
8. Modern Approaches to Paul's Use of Scripture
Appendix 1: Paul's Quotations from Isaiah
Appendix 2: Index of Paul's Quotations
Appendix 3: Extracts from the Dead Sea Scrolls


"Moyise combines his thorough knowledge of the field with his skills as a communicator to provide an eminently accessible and thoroughly up-to-date discussion of Paul's quotations from the Scriptures of Israel and of the scholarly debates surrounding them. It will be one of the first books I will want my students to read on the subject."--Roy E. Ciampa, Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship

"Moyise, one of the leading international scholars on the subject of the New Testament's use of the Old Testament, asks how each of the main features of Paul's teaching grows out of and interacts with the Hebrew Scriptures. Moyise illuminates well how Scripture functioned for the first great Christian theologian without ignoring the various questions that such treatment still raises both for students of Paul and for those who ask how Scripture should function today."--James D. G. Dunn, Emeritus Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University

"Steve Moyise, already well known for his work on the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, here provides a clear and accessible guide to Paul's use of Scripture and to recent scholarly discussion of this important topic. Students in particular will welcome this helpful overview, with its lucid explanations and fair survey of the field."--David G. Horrell, professor of New Testament studies, University of Exeter

The Author

  1. Steve Moyise

    Steve Moyise

    Steve Moyise (PhD, University of Birmingham) is professor of New Testament at the University of Chichester. He is the author of Paul and Scripture, Jesus and Scripture, The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation, The Old Testament in...

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"The sheer amount of scholarship on Paul's use of the OT makes it difficult for students to know where to begin in entering the conversation. Because of his prolific scholarship in this area, Steve Moyise is well positioned to provide a concise and readable introduction to this subject. . . . The most notable strength of this book is the combination of brevity with scope. At merely 125 pages of text, Paul and Scripture is the ideal length to introduce students to the field. Despite the brevity, Moyise covers a large number of texts and organizes them into manageable categories. . . . Moyise has produced a solid introduction to Paul's use of Scripture."--Matthew S. Harmon, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

"[A] very useful study of Paul's use of the Old Testament. Moyise is highly qualified on this topic as it has been his area of interest and publication for over a decade. He writes as both scholar and teacher as this book, intended mainly for advanced students of Paul, manages to cover the major issues and main lines of interpretation very clearly and in accessible prose. . . . The use of the Old Testament by Paul has massive implications for the debates that have dominated Pauline scholarship over the last three decades. Moyise, covering some rough ground while writing with a light touch, provides an eminently helpful guide through this area of interpretation and maps very helpfully the theological implications for the study of Paul more broadly. This volume functions as a starting point for students working in the field of the New Testament writers' use of the Old Testament. It might also be used very well as a textbook for courses in college and seminaries that are focused on Paul. Pastors and interested general readers will also find much here from which to benefit."--Timothy Gombis, Southeastern Theological Review

"This book is very insightful and lucid and has the potential for becoming one of the reference texts for contemporary discussion on this subject. Moyise discusses some of the difficult questions, handling them in a most balanced manner. This volume will serve students of Pauline theology and scholars with specialist interest in the NT use of the OT and general hermeneutical issues."--Stephen Ayodeji A. Fagbemi, Journal for the Study of the New Testament

"[An] accessible and student-friendly book. . . . [Moyise] is eminently successful in providing an introductory text that would be a useful companion to an upper-level undergraduate or seminary course on Paul and his letters."--David Lincicum, Religious Studies Review

"This volume offers a comprehensive yet concise orientation to Paul's use of Scripture. . . . Written as an introduction for students of the NT, this volume includes appropriate tables of scriptural references and textual comparisons, supplementary narrative insets that address relevant topics, chapter endnotes, a select bibliography, and indexes. . . . Moyise offers an accessible and helpful introduction both to Paul's use of Scripture and to contemporary scholarship addressing this topic, showing why attentiveness to Paul's appeal to Scripture matters. . . . The book accomplishes its goal and compels readers to go farther."--Robert A. Bryant, Interpretation

"The helpful nature of this short introduction to the field of study is further solidified by the inclusion of a dozen text boxes discussing various topics. . . . Three useful appendices round out the material. . . . The greatest strength of the book is how much material Moyise covers in such a short span. For that reason it will prove to be a helpful guide to those entering into the study of Paul's use of Scripture. . . . Moyise's scholarship on the subject reminds us that even in the twenty-first century work remains to be done if we are to properly understand Paul's use of the Old Testament."--Richard Lucas, Credo

"Moyise presents an evenhanded and judicious treatment of the issues that he addresses. . . . The open-endedness of his presentation allows the book to be used by scholars holding diverse opinions on the issues. . . . The book strikes a reasonable balance between examining how Paul engaged with the biblical text and how he used it in his argumentation. As a potential textbook, the book is highly accessible to readers who know little or nothing about Paul and his use of Scripture. The language is clear and readable. . . . Paul's use of Scripture cannot be understood without a close reading of his letters and the texts that he cites. Moyise provides as clear and useful an introduction to the subject as we are likely to get."--Christopher D. Stanley, Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"There seems to be no end of books on Paul's use of scripture. What justifies this one is its brevity, clarity, and value as a guide to navigating the subject. In this complicated and crowded field Moyise has emerged as a respected guide. . . . There is much in this book to commend it as a guide for the beginner in the field. . . . A valuable tool for a class in biblical interpretation."--Peter R. Rodgers, Novum Testamentum