Passage into Light, Repackaged Edition

series: Russians, The

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Beset By Enemies Within and Without, Russia Is Reeling. And Vladimir Lenin Is Waiting in the Wings. . . .

In 1917, Russia finds itself in a nightmare of political upheaval as ruthless men clash over control of her destiny. Saddled with a devastating, unpopular war, the Provisional Government flirts with disaster while Lenin's return may just give the Bolsheviks the support they need to stage an uprising of their own. Tsar Nicholas and his family have become both prisoners and pawns in this deadly game of chess.

Amid the turmoil, Anna Fedorcenko's sons face the consequences of their personal and political choices. Russia will never be the same--that much is certain. But unless Andrei and Yuri are able to cast off the blinders of the past, they too may be caught in the chaos sweeping throughout the motherland.

A pall hangs over the Russian Empire as it careens toward an unsettling future. The Fedorcenkos and the Burenins will once again need to rely on the faith and love that have become their family legacies if they hope to survive.

The Author

  1. Judith Pella

    Judith Pella

    JUDITH PELLA is a bestselling, award-winning author whose in-depth research combines with her skillful storytelling to provide readers with dramatic, thought-provoking novels. She and her husband make their home in Oregon.

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