Participation and Atonement

An Analytic and Constructive Account

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The atonement is at the heart of Christian doctrine. But how does it relate to the life of the church? And what difference does it make for worship and liturgy? Highly respected theologian Oliver Crisp sets out a new, comprehensive account of the nature of the atonement, exploring how this doctrine affects our participation in the life of God and in the shared life of the Christian community. Crisp builds on key insights from other historic substitutionary models of Christ's work while avoiding the problems plaguing penal substitution.


Part 1: Approaching the Atonement
1. Methodological Issues
2. The Value and Necessity of Atonement
Part 2: Models of Atonement
3. Moral Exemplarism and Transformation
4. The Ransom Motif
5. Satisfaction Guaranteed
6. Problems with Penal Substitution
Part 3: Atonement and Salvation
7. Sin and Salvation
8. Representation and Atonement
9. The Mystical Body of Christ
10. Soteriological Synthesis

The Author

  1. Oliver D. Crisp

    Oliver D. Crisp

    Oliver D. Crisp (PhD, University of London and University of Aberdeen) is professor of analytic theology and director of the Logos Institute in the School of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He has written or edited numerous books,...

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