Overcoming Father Wounds

Exchanging Your Pain for God’s Perfect Love

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Take heart, daughter. You can be made whole again.

If you have been hurt, neglected, rejected, or abandoned by your father, it may feel like every aspect of your life is affected by that broken trust--even your relationship with God. But there is hope. Your father wounds do not have the last word in your life; God does.

In this vulnerable book, author and speaker Kia Stephens shares her own story of father wounds, along with eye-opening examples from wounded women in Scripture who were transformed by the love of God. With great compassion, she helps you identify your father wounds and offers practical tools to help you overcome insecurity, low self-esteem, and unforgiveness, so you can connect with God as your loving heavenly Father.

"I understand what it feels like to be rejected, abandoned, and forgotten by my earthly biological father, and I love that Kia so honestly and biblically shows us where to turn--to the arms of our Father, who will never leave or forget us. This resource will help so many!"--Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

"There's something remarkable about the way a person's pain can be transformed into purpose. In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia Stephens speaks from the faded scars of her own story and is a compassionate guide to all who carry father wounds of their own."--Jo Saxton, leadership coach and author of Ready to Rise


"What a needed message! I was once a little girl twirling around next to my daddy, wishing I could know that he loved me. I understand what it feels like to be rejected, abandoned, and forgotten by my earthly biological father, and I love that Kia so honestly and biblically shows us where to turn--to the arms of our Father, who will never leave or forget us. This resource will help so many!"

Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

"There's something remarkable about the way a person's pain can be transformed into purpose. In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia Stephens speaks from the faded scars of her own story and is a compassionate guide to all who carry father wounds of their own. Kia's book is both personal testimony and practical treatise; her words offer hope and healing. Words that help us discover the power of a heavenly Father's love."

Jo Saxton, leadership coach and author of Ready to Rise

"Kia has given us a powerful, gospel-soaked healing balm for everyone who knows the pain of father wounds. In Overcoming Father Wounds, she helps us identify them, heal from them, and shift our mindset to hope and health. This is a must-read!"

Alli Worthington, author, speaker, and founder of The Coach School

"This book is going to help so many women--coming from complicated relationships with fathers to deeply painful ones. Even Daddy's girls like me didn't escape unintentional wounding. You'll be highlighting this one and buying a copy for a friend."

Lisa Whittle, bestselling author of The Hard Good, Bible teacher, and podcast host

"Kia Stephens's voice is one that is needed now. She writes with compassion, wisdom, and vulnerability, leading women into the tender places of their own hearts. With deep insight, Kia takes the reader's hand and walks her into the truth--you can face the wounds you received, in the light of a loving Father who is better than you dared to hope. Healing is available. Read this book and Kia will show you the way."

Stasi Eldredge, New York Times bestselling author of Captivating

"There are few relationships that play as great a role in our lives as the one we have with our father. For many, this relationship was imperfect. At times we may have found ourselves left wanting more than what our earthly fathers could give, leaving us feeling disappointed and seeking fulfillment in unhealthy ways. In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia Stephens transparently shares her experiences navigating this territory of the soul and spirit. She uncovers the wounded areas in need of restoration and gives practical next steps in the healing journey. In this book, Kia extends an invitation to go beyond the pain of your father wounds to experience the joy of intimately knowing Father God."

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, physician, author, and host of I Choose My Best Life podcast

"Wounds have the power to break us or lead us to healing, even the ones caused by the men who brought us into this world. In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia not only gifts us with the vulnerability of her story about healing her own father wounds (with her faith in tow), but she shows us wounded sisters how to do it for ourselves too. What a gift these words are."

Toni J. Collier, author, speaker, and founder of Broken Crayons Still Color

"If you find that your heart holds a pinch when you think of your earthly father--or the absent father you never knew--this helpful and biblical resource will become a balm for your hurting soul. In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia Stephens helps us relinquish the perpetual pains from our past and lean into the love of our heavenly Father like never before. Highly recommended for all daughters who desperately need to know they are greatly treasured, earnestly wanted, and eternally loved."

Karen Ehman, speaker and New York Times bestselling author of eighteen books, including Settle My Soul

"When hurts or beliefs distort our view of God, He is deeply invested in healing that place. Father wounds may be some of the most damaging of all, since they directly affect the way we perceive our heavenly Father. In Overcoming Father Wounds, God has used Kia Stephens to empathetically and practically point us toward the true, healing nature of Abba Father, the One who wants to have a close, mutual relationship with us."

Amy Carroll, speaker and author of Breaking Up with Perfect and Exhale

"Too many women live with unhealed hurts from their fathers. Kia Stephens was one of them. In Overcoming Father Wounds, she vulnerably unpacks her story and speaks out of the overflow of her restored heart after facing the pain of rejection and abandonment from her biological father. She doesn't give pat answers. Instead, she comes alongside as a friend and mentor, taking us by the hand, while modeling what it looks like to go through the process of surrender and forgiveness to move toward freedom and transformation. Thank you, Kia, for your courageous example that invites us to do the same."

Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, LPC, author of Let's Talk and radio/podcast host of The Dad Whisperer

"I love how Kia peels back the complicated layers of this tender topic with tremendous wisdom, scriptural soundness, and raw vulnerability. Rather than just tell her story, Kia casts a powerful vision for God's deeper work within a woman's father wound, and she provides powerful and practical steps for any woman open to God's healing process. For every woman who needs to take this redemptive journey, Kia's book serves a wise, godly, and compassionate guide each step of the way."

Barb Roose, speaker and author of numerous books and Bible studies, including Breakthrough

"In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia gives real and practical hope to the woman who questions if she's too broken to ever live whole. By authentically sharing her own story of father wounds, Kia courageously clears the path for women familiar with this pain to find their way to true healing.

"I have worked in vocational Christian ministry over three decades and have mentored and walked with women of all ages. The vast majority of these women have unhealthy relationships with their earthly fathers. The unprocessed emotions lead to challenges relationally and spiritually. In her powerful book, Kia Stephens openly shares from her own life and offers insights, Bible teaching, and practical help for women to heal and walk in freedom."

Vivian Mabuni, speaker, author of Open Hands, Willing Feet, and founder and podcast host of Someday Is Here

"I admire the transparency Kia uses to point the reader into the loving arms of the Perfect Father who sees, knows, pursues, and proudly calls His girls by the best name . . . 'daughter.'"

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien, author of Claim Your Crown and Love Letters from the King

"Kia is a brave new voice, reaching out personally to an audience of women wading through life with father wounds. Drawing deeply on her own experience, Kia ushers readers through Scripture into personal reflection with the goal of leading them to the heavenly Father's arms. This book is so needed today. I'm eager to share it with friends."

Dorina Lazo Gimore-Young, author, speaker, and podcaster at Eat Pray Run

"What powerful hope to anyone carrying the ache of father wounds! In Overcoming Father Wounds, Kia shows how to exchange deep scars from an earthly father for the deeper love of our heavenly Father. Kia shares vulnerably and transparently about the childhood wounds she carried into adulthood, while also walking through the paths of grief, forgiveness, and healing God has done in her. Through practical, biblical steps and her own experience, Kia unfolds how to let go of hurt and expectations, honestly find God as Father to the fatherless, and become healthy and whole."

Lisa Appelo, speaker and author of Life Can Be Good Again

"Implementing a conservative, biblical model for healing the devastation of fatherlessness, Kia Stephens clears the path for those behind her. Don't rush through this book. By taking time to engage with the reflection questions, you'll swap your father wounds for the extravagant love of God the Father."

Anna LeBaron, author of The Polygamist's Daughter

"Father wounds. So many of us have them and have never identified them as such. In this beautiful resource, Kia Stephens helps us go to Father God for the healing we need, walking with us as we do the hard work leading to the wholeness we long for."

Lynn Cowell, speaker and author of the Bible studies Fearless Women of the Bible and Esther

"With the grace of a friend and the love of a sister, Kia reminds women that overcoming father wounds is possible. For any woman that wants to know how, Kia can show you the way."

Christina Patterson, founder and president, Beloved Women, Inc.

"Kia is the sister you've always wanted. The one who makes you laugh, empathizes with your issues, but looks you straight in the face and encourages you to keep moving forward. She writes with piercing clarity and a rhythmic authenticity that left me pondering the text long after I closed the book. Her words shine a light on the areas many of us with aching hearts haven't known how to give voice to. Overcoming Father Wounds reveals the hidden hurts and residual issues of our ailment, but with unflinching hope anchored in the Word of God, our sister reminds us that our healing and worth is truly found in the One who will never fail us."

Jenny Erlingsson, author and speaker, Milk & Honey Women

"Be prepared to be tenderly pried open by Kia Stephen's Overcoming Father Wounds. I heard myself on the pages, "It's complicated." I thought describing my relationship with my own father in those words along with its complex explanation and emotions were mine alone to bear. Kia's book revealed a diagnosis I didn't know I had and provided the language and community I had been unknowingly yearning for. Her words were both confronting and comforting in ways I did not know my heart and identity needed. I felt seen, I felt safe, and I felt whole."

Nicole O. Salmon, The Purpose Coach, Nicole O. Salmon Ministries

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