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Organizational Behavior in Christian Perspective

Theory and Practice for Church and Ministry Leaders

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Organizational behavior is an important and growing field in leadership and management studies, yet it has been largely overlooked by Christian leaders. Franklin Markow believes a comprehensive understanding of organizational behavior is essential for effective leadership. This introduction accounts for the unique dynamics of Christian organizations, gives theological foundations, and provides guidance to those studying or practicing leadership in churches and ministries.

Markow explains organizational behavior using a "Five-Level Model" encompassing the 1) individual, 2) interpersonal, 3) group, 4) organizational, and 5) interorganizational perspectives of organizations. Readers will better understand how people relate to their organization and to one another. The goal is to help people and organizations thrive and fulfill their God-given missions. Besides utilizing sources from the field of organizational studies, Markow draws on interviews with senior-level leaders in churches and nonprofits for fresh, ministry-focused insights. This book is ideal for leadership classes, church administration, and leaders who need to broaden their perspective and improve their practice.

1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior
2. Individual Differences
3. Emotions, Attitudes, and Perceptions
4. Motivation, Evaluation, and Rewards
5. Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations
6. Groups and Teams
7. Conflict Management
8. Leadership, Part 1: Foundations and Traditional Approaches
9. Leadership, Part 2: Emerging Approaches
10. Organizational Culture


"Highly relevant, timely, and practical, Organizational Behavior in Christian Perspective provides leaders with clarity on the heart of any organization--its people. Frank Markow's simple but brilliant five-level model is built on years of research and practice, addressing the long-neglected leadership issues in churches and ministry organizations. You will want to give this book to your leadership team to strengthen their tool kit, successfully navigate challenges, increase effectiveness, and provide hope for the next generation of faith-based leaders!"

Angie Richey, president, Life Pacific University

"Working with people in organizations is complex and vital work. In this book, Frank Markow provides insightful reflection on the nature of healthy leadership and organizational practice. Engaging the best of the organizational behavior literature, Markow reflects on and applies what he has learned in a way that is relevant not only to business leaders but also to nonprofit and church leaders. Based on his many years of leadership and educational experience, Markow is well-positioned to provide an important voice on leadership and organizational practice from a Christian perspective. I'm grateful for the work he has put into this project that I'm sure will benefit students and practitioners alike."

Justin A. Irving, Duke K. McCall Professor of Christian Leadership and chair of the Department of Leadership and Discipleship, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author of Healthy Leadership for Thriving Organizations

"It is difficult to not be effusive about this incredible book. I have taught leadership for thirty-five years, and this is hands-down the best leadership textbook I have ever read. Frank Markow expertly weaves the Christian faith into his research and writing. A must-have book for any faith-based business or leadership program. His analysis of past and current leadership issues is both deep and thorough, a masterful combination of the theoretical and the practical. His case studies bring life to his material. It is like James MacGregor Burns and Patrick Lencioni combined forces to create the perfect leadership text. Absolute genius."

Michael M. Whyte, provost emeritus and professor emeritus, Azusa Pacific University; president, Global Academy for Transformational Leadership

"Leading a healthy organization is the primary responsibility of every leader. The challenge is understanding how organizational behavior impacts the leader's ability to build and maintain an organization. Frank Markow has a unique ability to explain in secular and spiritual terms how an organization should behave and the best perspectives and practices that can help it grow. His scholarship is prominent, and his practicality is masterful."

Ricky Temple, pastor, Overcoming by Faith Ministries, Savannah, Georgia

"Frank Markow connects the dots between complex organizational theory, practical application, and thoughtful theological perspective. As challenging as this is, he does it in seamless style. From the first page I was entirely engaged, as the book distinguishes itself as thought-provoking, witty, and always workable. The science and craft of leadership is shown to be achievable. Somehow Markow intermingles organizations and the ever-present human mystery while being entertaining along the way. Think about it: how often have you been charmed to learn challenging and often perplexing lessons?"

Sam Rockwell, adjunct faculty, Pepperdine University; principal, Rockwell & Company

"Frank Markow's book is a comprehensive and practical examination of organizational behavior, culture, and health. Seminaries should include a course with this book for every student. Nonprofit leaders should read this and walk their leaders through several sections of this book, especially the chapters on emotional intelligence, emerging approaches to leadership, and organizational culture."

Craig Domeck, dean and associate professor of leadership (retired), Palm Beach Atlantic University; founder and principal, 3-D Leadership Development

"If you are looking to create a safe and thriving culture within your church, look no further than Frank Markow's Organizational Behavior in Christian Perspective. Use it to create generative conversations that will take your teams to a higher level."

Jay Gary, associate professor of strategic leadership, assistant dean of online and lifelong learning, Oral Roberts University

"In seminary, I had the privilege of studying organizational leadership under Frank Markow. The principles, practices, and concepts of leadership and organizational health and behavior I gleaned from his teachings were immediately applicable to pastoral ministry and provided helpful tools for me to lead, develop, and empower others more effectively. Many of these profound insights are captured in this book and are sure to better equip any pastor or ministry leader to lead healthier, more fruitful organizations."

Jelani Lewis, campus pastor, Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas

"Frank Markow is a personal friend and trusted voice pertaining to all things leadership. He is a brilliant thinker who understands organizational behavior at a core level that few can. For years now, students at The King's University have benefited from this skill and gift that he brings to the classroom. We are excited for the release of Markow's book because it will allow the rest of the world to experience the deep insights that we at TKU have grown so accustomed to. Organizational Behavior in Christian Perspective is the perfect blend of academic, practical, and biblical truths that every organizational leader can benefit from. I highly recommend taking a serious look at this book to consider as a great published work."

Jon Chasteen, former president, The King's University; lead pastor, Victory Church

"This book brings together some of the best ideas from the field of organizational behavior, offers scriptural support and insight, and helps Christian leaders create healthy organizations. A well-presented book, this text offers--for pastors, executive pastors, and all who lead organizations with a heart for the kingdom--a way to create positive work environments where everyone wins."

Roxanne Helm-Stevens, professor, School of Business and Management, national executive board, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Azusa Pacific University

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  1. Franklin A. Markow
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    Franklin A. Markow

    Franklin A. Markow (PhD, Regent University) has been teaching leadership and organizational studies for 25 years. He is professor of leadership studies and director of the Master of Organizational Leadership program at The King's University in Southlake,...

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