Ordinary on Purpose

Surrendering Perfect and Discovering Beauty amid the Rubble

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Beauty is Found in the Ordinary

The world is shouting at us to be more. Strive. Achieve. Overachieve. Never stop pushing. As a family practice doctor, wife, and mother, Mikala Albertson appeared to be living a "perfect" life, but really her whole world was falling apart. Married seven years to an alcohol and drug addict while raising two young children and finishing residency, Mikala eventually reached a breaking point. And surrendered. In sifting through the shattered pieces of her life, she realized she had been chasing something that doesn't exist. Perfect is pretend. And what she desperately needed to embrace was ordinary. A good, hard, messy, gritty, lovely, ordinary life.

In Ordinary on Purpose, Mikala shares her heartfelt journey in a raw and revealing way as she invites you to lay down your own endless chase for perfection and embrace this beautiful, messy life exactly as it is with our perfect, loving God right by your side. What would it look like to stop pretending to be "perfect" and be ordinary? Instead of always feeling overwhelmed and alone, you might discover the beauty of a good, hard life grounded in the radiant hope of God's unending love. Life happens in the ordinary, after all.


"Ordinary on Purpose is a stunning survival tale about how to regain your footing when all feels lost, and it's proof that beauty can emerge from the ashes. The lessons humbly woven into each chapter are the reminders we all need in today's chaotic world to always seek out the extraordinary in our everyday lives. Mikala is an inspiration."

Whitney Fleming, author

"Ordinary on Purpose is one of those rare books that feeds the two hungers so many of us carry: the need to know that we are not alone in our struggles, and the need to find inspiration in the midst of those same struggles." 

Liz Petrone, author of The Price Admission: Embracing a Life of Grief and Joy

"Ordinary on Purpose is a must-read for all women. Mikala takes us on a journey of heartbreak, forgiveness, and all the messy parts of life--and shows us there's beauty to be found in the ordinary."

Leslie Means, creator of Her View From Home

"Mikala's story is uniquely hers, yet anyone would resonate and find pieces of their journey in these pages. Her vulnerability is so powerful that you can't help but reflect on the hardship and beauty in your own life. The concept of living an 'ordinary life' will never feel the same after reading this book." 

Kelli Bachara, MA, LPCC

"This was the day I stopped pretending. YES. In Ordinary on Purpose, Mikayla Albertson gives us glorious permission to live this one life without pretense or fear, and as we walk with her through her fire, at the same time we learn how to walk through our own."

Amy Betters-Midtvedt, Hiding in the Closet with Coffee

"Mikala Albertson comes to her readers as a friend with unflinching honesty and exceptional tenderness. She brings her whole self to us so we can in turn bring our whole selves to the world. Ordinary on Purpose gives us permission to stop pretending and to start really living."

Jillian Benfield, author

"In Ordinary on Purpose, Mikala Albertson gives us permission to admit that perfect is pretend so we can finally exhale our secrets and breathe in truth. Through moving stories and with raw vulnerability, Mikala helps us to discover that the good life--the beautiful life--is right here in the ordinary."

Jenny Albers, author of Courageously Expecting

The Authors

  1. Mikala Albertson
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    Mikala Albertson

    Mikala Albertson, MD (www.ordinaryonpurpose.com) is a family practice doctor turned mostly stay-at-home mom who is passionate about Jesus and all things ordinary. Since 2017, she has been writing and inspiring women to let go of striving for the world's...

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  2. Mikala Albertson MD
    Danielle Rowe Photography

    Mikala Albertson MD

    Mikala Albertson, MD is a board-certified family practice doctor and well-being advocate who is passionate about women's health and healing in the middle of our messy, ordinary lives. Author of Ordinary on Purpose, Mikala inspires readers to aim for...

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"Albertson's candid voice and straightforward message offers solace from a hectic world. This 'How-NOT-To' manual is a stirring and deeply felt guide for Christian living."

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