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series: Baker Commentary on the Old Testament: Pentateuch

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This substantive and useful commentary on the book of Numbers is both critically engaged and sensitive to the theological contributions of the text. It is grounded in rigorous scholarship but useful for those who preach and teach.

This is the second volume in a new series on the Pentateuch, which complements other Baker Commentary on the Old Testament series: Historical Books, Wisdom and Psalms, and Prophets. Each series volume covers one book of the Pentateuch, addressing important issues and problems that flow from the text and exploring the contemporary relevance of the Pentateuch.

The series editor is Bill T. Arnold, the Paul S. Amos Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary.


"The commentary excellently combines current research in America and Europe on the literary history of the book of Numbers with a theological interpretation of the biblical text that allows the Word of God to become recognizable in a multitude of voices in the text. The commentary is both critical and evangelical in the best sense of the word and an important aid to understanding the book of Numbers for teaching and preaching."

Eckart Otto, professor emeritus of Old Testament, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, and honorary professor of the University of Pretoria, South Africa

"This is a great contribution to this important series. Awabdy's enthusiasm for Numbers is infectious. He is well versed in the relevant ancient Near Eastern literary and cultural backgrounds as well as in the scholarly discussion of the Pentateuch. He presents his own carefully crafted translation with notes justifying grammatical choices. His discussion is accessible and remains ever cognizant of the broader literary and cultural contexts while also being sensitive to theological themes."

John A. Cook, professor of Old Testament and director of Hebrew language instruction, Asbury Theological Seminary

"Reasoned, comprehensible, and illuminating, Awabdy's commentary is easy to read and offers insights for every reader through cross-references to the ancient Near East tradition. The narrative form is analyzed, and the relevant motifs are explained. The focus is not on literary history but on the theological message of the book. This is a successful evangelical interpretation of a fascinating biblical book."

Christian Frevel, professor of Old Testament studies at Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany

"Even for Pentateuch experts, the book of Numbers is often a rather unknown book. All the more welcome is a commentary like this one, which combines critical scholarship and theological reflection in such a way that it not only can be used by pastors and teachers for preaching and teaching but also can be read with great profit by specialists in biblical studies. It is the theological focus that sets this commentary apart from many others."

Benjamin Kilchör, Universitäre Theologische Hochschule, Basel, Switzerland

The Author

  1. Mark A. Awabdy
    Rawnaq Studio

    Mark A. Awabdy

    Mark A. Awabdy (PhD, Asbury Theological Seminary) is a professor of Old Testament and biblical languages, who teaches in the Arabian Gulf and South Asia. He is the author of Immigrants and Innovative Law and a commentary on LXX Leviticus.

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