Now That She's Gone

A Daughter’s Reflections on Loss, Love, and a Mother’s Legacy

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What will I do without her?

The day your mother dies is the day you acquire a powerful and persistent new companion--grief. It is also the day you become the keeper of a legacy that has the potential to affect generations to come. Between a past you can't let go of and a future you can hardly find the energy to think about, you stand. The ground may feel shaky, but it is sacred. And it must be tread.

With vulnerability and honesty, Chelsea Ohlemiller walks you through her own journey of grief at the loss of her mother in order to help you along yours. These raw reflections on heartbreak, love, and hope in the midst of sorrow can help you put words to your own tangled feelings when you are speechless with grief.

Chelsea does not couch her narrative in spiritual jargon or edit her feelings into "acceptable" sentiments that ultimately mean nothing and help no one. Instead, she invites you to be radically honest about your anger, disbelief, and sorrow so that you can move forward--even if it feels like you will never be able to move on.

Whether you had a great relationship with your mother or a complicated one, you will find in this book a compassionate and understanding friend for the days, months, and years to come.

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  1. Chelsea Ohlemiller
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    Chelsea Ohlemiller

    Chelsea Ohlemiller has an active and engaging social media presence and is well-known for her blog, Happiness, Hope & Harsh Realities. She has written for multiple platforms with more than a million followers, such as Her View from Home,...

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