Northpointe Chalet

A Contemporary Retelling of Northanger Abbey

series: Jane Austen Series, The

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Quiet and unassuming Kathy Moore has already fallen in love with her new home in the small town of Northpointe, Colorado--even though her newly-opened bookstore and café could use more business. In her downtime, Kathy buries herself nose-deep in suspense novels, all the while dreaming up her own dramatic story about the mysterious chalet that overlooks the sleepy town. But it isn't until a stranger pounds on her door one dark and stormy night that Kathy's own real-life adventure begins.

When the stranger turns out to be Ben Tilman--a well-established pastor and also one of the occupants of the mysterious hillside chalet--Kathy is smitten. As the two begin to spend more time together, Kathy's feelings for Ben grow deeper, but when a crotchety old man keeps showing up with cryptic warnings against Ben and his whole family, Kathy feels like she's deep in the middle of one of her favorite novels. Can Kathy keep her imagination and her emotions in check long enough to get to the truth behind the mystery?

The Author

  1. Debra White Smith

    Debra White Smith

    Debra White Smith is a seasoned author, speaker, and media personality who has fifty-four books to her credit, both fiction and nonfiction, with more than one million copies in print. Her work has appeared on various bestseller lists, and she has repeatedly...

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