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Are You Ready to Do Something Extraordinary?

Vance Brown believes most men are discouraged. They're worn out and wondering if their best days are behind them. Vance knows the feeling. There was a time he felt more dead than alive, but his friends still believed in him. "Have courage," they urged. "God needs you, here, now . . . this day."

That's what this book is about, men who stand up for each other and fight for things that matter. It's about men who fail but get back up and try again. Far from platitudes and pat answers, these are gritty pages that bleed, stories about ordinary men who are doing something extraordinary—choosing to live fully, no matter the cost. Answering this noble call is not easy, but you will never regret it.

Excellent for Men's Groups—Includes a Six-Week Study Guide


We were absolutely the overwhelming feeling that God is using these pages to awaken something in millions of men who instinctively know they are called to be part of a larger story.

Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn, bestselling authors of For Men Only and For Women Only

This is a powerful and passionate book, brutally honest and wonderfully humble. This is going to help a lot of men recover hope and courage. It will draw us together as brothers. And most important, this book will help you find a deeper life in Jesus.

John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart and Beautiful Outlaw

You may desire to be a great businessman, which is a noble goal. But there is an even higher calling--to be a good man for the kingdom of God. No Matter the Cost should be required reading for anyone who is fighting to be such a good man.

Tommy Spaulding, business consultant and New York Times bestselling author of It's Not Just Who You Know

Vance Brown has given us the spiritual weapons we need to become better fathers, husbands, and ministry leaders. His writing is heartfelt and his message is clear: God is calling all men to engage in a battle--the fight of our lives, the struggle we were created for. No Matter the Cost is a battle cry for authentic manhood.

Arnie Cole, CEO of Back to the Bible and coauthor of Unstuck

This book is a uniquely authentic call to the deepest part of a man's soul. Anyone in whom God's Spirit is moving will respond. The results can be dramatic.

Dr. Larry Crabb, founder of NewWay Ministries

Vance Brown leads us on a journey that has more twists and turns than straight and level ground, but the view he leads us to see is so breathtaking that it is worth the long arduous hike. Walk with Vance and come to see the spectacular beauty of the One who has been with you in the defeats and the sweet respites. This book invites the heart to hope again.

Dan B. Allender, PhD, professor of counseling psychology and founding president, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

This book is a cry for men to live the life for which they were created, a call to live a life of significance that I too encourage you to consider.

Bob Buford, author of Halftime and Finishing Well

No Matter the Cost issues a radical challenge to men of all ages: Become the Christ-built warriors we were created to be--unbending faith, unselfish in attitude, always honorable, and humble in word and deed. Every man must hear Vance Brown's powerful message and then pass it on to the next generation.

Michael Ross, bestselling author of What Your Son Isn't Telling You

Through No Matter the Cost, Vance challenges and encourages us as men to know who we are! He provides insight into God's Word and shares amazing stories that will challenge us to get in the fight, no matter the cost!

Dave Dravecky, former Major League Baseball player and president and founder of Endurance with Jan and Dave Dravecky

The Authors

  1. Vance Brown
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    Vance Brown

    Vance Brown is chairman and CEO of Band of Brothers ministry, which helps men "fight the good fight." The ministry offers church conferences, small-group materials, and online community forums for men. A licensed attorney, Vance has extensive...

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  2. John Blase

    John Blase

    John Blase is an experienced editor and writer. His work includes coauthored books and the Living the Questions and Living the Letters Bible study series. John, his wife, Meredith, and their three children live in Monument, Colorado.

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