No Distance Too Far

series: Home to Blessing

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Must she give up love to pursue her calling?

Astrid Bjorklund wants to use her medical training to serve God and feels that He might be leading her in the direction of missionary service. Smarting from a misunderstanding with Joshua Landsverk, the young man she thought she loved, she heads south to a missionary training school, hoping to eventually use her skills in some remote outpost in Africa.

When she is called home to help in a family medical emergency, a door of opportunity opens for her unexpectedly. Perhaps the "mission field" God intends for her is not exactly what she had imagined. Plunging into her new venture with all her energy, she won't let herself be discouraged by some disapproving townsfolk in Blessing. But when a certain young man also expresses opposition, she's caught off guard. If she follows God's call, will love pass her by?

The Author

  1. Lauraine Snelling

    Lauraine Snelling

    Lauraine Snelling is the award-winning author of more than one hundred books, fiction and nonfiction, for adults and young adults. Her books have sold more than five million copies. She makes her home in Tehachapi, California. Learn more at

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"In 1904 Dr. Astrid Bjorklund decides to practice her calling in Africa s the third generation in her family to do God's work. However, she prays her beloved Joshua Landsverk understands her desire. Instead they have an argument and she leaves for the east to attend missionary training.

"In Blessing, North Dakota a deadly measles epidemic threatens those residing on the Red Bud Indian Reservation. Her friend Dr. Hawk asks for her medical assistance. Rushing back to help, Astrid wonders if her missionary calling is closer to home as she follows God's message.

"The second Home to Blessing historical novel (see Measure of Mercy) is an entertaining early twentieth century tale that focuses on the personal life of a female missionary. Astrid believes she has been called by the Lord to serve, but where as the need in the Dakotas is great but Africa has been her destination goal. Although at times the pace is a bit slow due to the deep concentration on practicing medicine in 1904 in substandard environs, the strong cast makes for a profound historical."
--Harriet Klausner, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, May 2010

"This second Home to Blessing novel is an enjoyable read and relays the inner life of a missionary who struggles with her call to service. The reader will engage easily with the main characters, though the plot does move slowly in place.

"SUMMARY: Astrid Bjorklund wants to use her medical training to serve as a missionary in Africa. Smarting from a misunderstanding with Joshua Landsverk, the man she thought she loved, she heads east to a missionary training school. When she's called home unexpectedly, Astrid learns of a deadly measles outbreak on the nearby Indian reservation and wonders if her mission field is closer to home than she imagined. But if she follows God's call, will love pass her by?"
3 stars
--Lindy J. Swanson, Romantic Times Book Reviews, April 2010