Mysterious Ways

True Stories of the Miraculous

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Estranged sisters miles away from each other have the same dream about their dead mother--that she's handing them the phone, urging them to talk to one another.

A young man jumps from a bridge hoping to die and is kept afloat by a sea lion--and lives.

A man given a second chance at life after a lung transplant knows what his donor looks like--even before the donor's mother shares a photo with him.


These incredible true stories of the miraculous, along with nearly 100 more, are waiting for you between the covers of this book. Collected from Guideposts magazine's most popular column, Mysterious Ways highlights the extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a spiritual force at work in our lives.

You'll marvel at stories of miraculous healings unexplained by modern medicine, stories of strange and startling circumstances that led to love, and signs that God reaches out to us in unexpected ways. These stories will reassure you that, despite our volatile times, God is intimately involved in our everyday lives and cares deeply about what happens to us.

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  1. Editors of Guideposts

    Editors of Guideposts

    For more than 70 years Guideposts magazine has published true, compelling stories of hope and inspiration by people from all walks of life. Cofounded by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, and his wife, Ruth...

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