Mustard Seed vs. McWorld

Reinventing Life and Faith for the Future

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"Many of us consider Tom Sine as one of the outstanding futurists of this generation. This book may be his very best. He communicates from both mind and heart his concerns for the church in the Western world. But he does not merely critique. He presents some practical potential solutions which every one of use should prayerfully consider."-- Paul Cedar, chairman, Mission America

"Because Tom Sine thinks carefully about our past and our future, we can take seriously what he says about our present. Mustard Seed vs. McWorld is an important book about our present and how, with divine creativity, we might envision our future. An important read that we neglect to our peril."-- Richard J. Foster, author, Celebration of Discipline and Streams of Living Water

"This book is a must read for any Christian leader who is determined to face tomorrow's challenges equipped for the task. As one who spends a lot of time trying to peer into the future, I cannot commend this book more highly."-- Richard Kew, director, Anglican Forum for the Future

"Mustard Seed vs. McWorld provides stimulating and helpful directions for radical changes within the church to effectively meet the future. For the many who greet the future of missions with some trepidation, Sine's book offers hope, if we're willing to make deliberate and innovative changes."-- Dellanna O'Brien, Woman's Missionary Union

"An important book about our globalized society and the consumer values which drive it. This is essential reading for all western Christians committed to shaping their lifestyle according to the teaching of Christ."-- Graham Clay, Ridley College, Cambridge

"In the meltdown to the new millenium this is a 'must read' for all who care about the future of the church and world. A profoundly challenging book."--Roger and Faith Forster, Ichthus Christian Fellowship

"A powerful prophetic vision that screams hope in the face of modern day fatalism. Within these pages we are educated about our world, challenged to change it and given the tools and inspiration to do so."-- Phil Wall, The Salvation Army

"Mustard Seed vs. McWorld beckons us to choose the seeds of the kingdom and shows us how to plant them. This is essential work if the forces of global materialism are to be uprooted with the power of the gospel. A guidebook for imaginative discipleship, equipping Christians for the new millenium."-- Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, General Secretary, Reformed Church in America

"An intriguing book that shows secularism to be a lot deeper than most of us have thought. . . . Sine forces us to confront our hidden accomodations to modernity and invites us to join his conspiracy for non-dualistic discipleship."-- Peter C. Moore, president, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry

"Sine's provocative prose will stimulate you to rethink many of the assumptions which keep us bound to a culture that has little to do with living for the glory of God and everything to do with 'making a buck.' "-- Paul E. McKaughan, president and CEO, Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies

"Drawing on wide experience, copious reading, and keen observation, Tom Sine guides us through the maze of a faltering modern world and shows how we can engage the new millenium hopefully. . . . He looks at the world and sees many of the same trends and issues as secular futurists, but rather than reacting as an alarmist, he combines shrewd insight with an evangelical faith perspective to provide a hopeful 'take' on the future."-- Wilbert R. Shenk, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Tom Sine has long been a master of the art of expecting the future. And he has had a keen eye for spotting the kingdom of God that comes in mustard seed ways. Now he puts the two together in a manifesto for Christians living in the emerging age of globalization and change. He makes the vision imaginable and concrete. Bravo!"--George R. Hunsberger, professor of missiology, Western Theological Seminary

"Tom Sine is more than a futurist. He is a prophet in the New Testament sense--seeing the emerging future and thrusting us into it. It is not always a comfortable ride, but essential if we are to be a part of God's purposes and prepared for the missional realities of tomorrow. His latest book Mustard Seed vs. McWorld is compellingly relevant and positively disturbing."--Paul and Kay Rader, International Leaders of The Salvation Army

"This book is a MUST for anyone who wants to be prepared to creatively embrace the challenges that Christianity will face in the new millennium."--Anthony J. Ciorra, director, Center for Theological and Spiritual Development, College of St. Elizabeth, Morristown, New Jersey

"If I had to buy one contemporary book in order to prepare for the new millenium, this would be the one. It is a riveting and life-inspiring read!"--Clive Calver, president, World Relief Corporation

"This book is enormously informative. . . . I hope that many, many thousands of church, mission agency, and parachurch leaders and followers use it to chart their pilgrimage into the third millenium."--Rodney Clapp, Evangelicals for Social Action

"Mustard Seed vs. McWorld is a comprehensive, remarkably well-informed work. Essential reading for those who want to know where global culture is headed, how it will impact the church, and--most importantly--how Christians can act creatively, effectively, and with God-given hope and optimism."--Howard Snyder, Asbury Theological Seminary

"In this book, Tom Sine explores the actual and likely impact of the globalization juggernaut on both the identity and the mission of the church. Not only would the book serve admirably as a textbook, but as a stimulating and possibly transforming agenda for church, mission, and seminary leadership retreats."--Jonathan J. Bonk, associate director, Overseas Ministries Study Center

"Mustard Seed vs. McWorld must be read by every church leader throughout America. As we careen wildly toward a future of massive global change, Tom Sine reminds us that some things never change--God, his own vision for the world, and our renewed passion for the future of God."--Isaac Canales, director, Hispanic Church Studies Department, Fuller Theological Seminary

"In Mustard Seed vs. McWorld Tom Sine creates a trifocal lens of hindsight, foresight, and insight, providing a clear and painful look at the current status of the church in the West."--William R. O'Brien, director, The Global Center, Samford University

"Tom sine cuts through corporate 'one-world' propaganda to reveal the dark side of economic globalization and asserts with vigor that the American Dream is no substitute for the mission that Jesus gave to the church."--Stephen A. Hayner, president, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

"It is refreshing to read a book that not only challenges you with the issues surrounding globalization, but also leaves you with an exhilarating sense of innovative approaches to grass roots ministry around the world. The instruction manual accompanying this book should read: seeds of hope enclosed, plant freely."--Tom F. Balke, Atlantic divisional director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada

"As we wander into the postmodern and post Christian third millenium, the conversation of a Christian missional involvement in tomorrow has been largely limited to the minds of academics and the hands of artists. Sine has now opened the dialogue to include the hearts of a remnant that has deconstructed modern values and is now seeking to uncover a faithful alternative that is local, global, and historical."--Mark Driscoll, pastor, Mars Hill Fellowship, Seattle, Washington

"Sine's engaging prose quickly draws you into an examination of important issues we face together as we race into a new millenium."--David Beckman, president, Bread for the World

"Tom Sine has done it again! With keen observation, concern, and insight of the world as it is now and soon to become, he challenges Christians to lifestyles and time styles which incarnate Christ's teachings and are more in tune with God's purposes. You'll be informed, inspired, and challenged by this exciting new publication."--Linda Fuller, cofounder, Habitat for Humanity

"I urge those who want to make a difference in working with the poor not to pass up this book."--John Perkins, chairman, Christian Community Development Association

"Tom Sine's message is simple yet extremely important: Christians must rethink basic assumptions of globalism, refocus values on community and spirituality over individualism, consumerism, and materialism, and invites us to 'use mustard seeds' to make a difference in the world."--Norm Ewert, associate professor of business and economics, Wheaton College

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  1. Tom Sine

    Tom Sine

    Tom Sine (Ph.D., University of Washington) is a futurologist who consults with Christian organizations around the world. He has taught at Fuller Theological Seminary and the University of Washington. His previous books include Wild Hope, The Mustard Seed...

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"This is a disturbing but important book for all Christians. Its disturbing thesis is that 'McWorld'--the new, global economy--dominates not only the world, but also the church. . . . The book is important in calling for 'whole-life discipleship'--a radical disengagement from McWorld and a radical commitment to spiritual depth and creative hands-on service. The book has a readable style and an attractive layout. . . . A practical manual to help churches and mission agencies plant 'mustard seeds'--creative, effective gospel ministries shaped by God's view of human destiny, not that of McWorld. The book teems with exciting examples of such seeds sprouting and thriving in surprising places. They follow this manual's radical cure: admission that Jesus must be first, not a mere footnote to McWorld's upscaling. Every Christian ought to take that same tough medicine."--Moody (November/December 1999)

"The layout of the book into bite-sized, discussion-provoking segments and chapters complete with questions for further exploration makes it ideal for small-group study or discipleship class use. Tear up your world, take a look at the hidden roots of your thinking that may be hindering a fuller experience with Christ. Tom Sine's Mustard Seed vs. McWorld is a great place to start."--Cornerstone (November 1999)

"There are changes a comin', and this book will help you navigate them. Like most futurist-type works, this one highlights the changes attached to the new millennium--but it goes beyond this, too, offering tools for living out biblically based beliefs in the year 2000 and beyond."
--Youthworker (November/December 1999)

"Sine has written a first class 'how to' and 'why to' book for Christian leaders, thinkers, entrepeneurs, above all, for those concerned with advancing God's kingdom from the bottom up and who want to participate in the conspiracy of the mustard seed. A must buy book for new millennial Christian s who don't want to sit around waiting for others to do it."--Virtuosity (January 2000)

"It is seldom that we find a Christian preacher or writer like Tom Sine, who can stand like an Old Testament prophet on the parapet of the city and tell us of the present and the future without losing his own footing in the Christian faith. Sine is a futurist who has done his homework, so he comptently, crisply and clearly lays out the awesome and also ominous aspects of the rapid globalization of life and commerce which has been an increasingly major feature of our world since the fall of communism....This is a book every Christian leader should read and ponder."--The Presbyterian Outlook (December 27, 1999)

"Since offers creative ways to enable parents, pastors and Christian leaders to reinvent their lives, focus their missions and create new possibilities for the new millennium."--The Gospel and Our Culture (September 1999)

"If you need a book for understanding what is going on from a Christian point of view with strategies for the future, Mustard Seed versus McWorld is one of the best sources."--Provident Book Finder (January/February 2000)

"...this is a book worth reading; there is much to inspire and interest, and it may well provide a useful starting-point for Christians who seek to be crucified to the world (Gal. 6:14). Christian leaders should read it for its analysis of church and content - and leaders will want to encourage others to read it points up issues that will affect our mission for decades to come and we should be thankful to Tom Sine for the work he has done."--Anvil

"Christian futurist Tom Sine helps people of faith make sense of change and reinvent their lives to anticipate and respond creatively to opportunities and challenges int he global future."--The Futurist (May-June 2000)

"This practical approach to complex issues empowers the reader, leaving one feeling neither wholy judged nor totally innocent. It is an enlightening book for anyone who worries about where economic globalization is leading us, and for anyone who does not."--Mennonite Brethren Herald (April 28, 2000)