Mothering by the Book

The Power of Reading Aloud to Overcome Fear and Recapture Joy

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"Wit and wisdom for every mother, everywhere."--ERIN LOECHNER, author of Chasing Slow

Becoming a better, happier mom starts with the stories you tell your kids

As a mom, you want to nurture a strong family, but fear steals your joy. Sometimes you wonder if you're failing your children or whether you're cut out for this.

Beloved writer and mom of seven Jennifer Pepito understands. She was intent on loving her children well, but fear and worry pushed her around. Ultimately, she found her joy in a most surprising place: the pages of classic literature she was reading aloud to her children every day. These stories helped her reclaim the wonder of childhood for herself and her children.

In Mothering by the Book, Jennifer takes you on a fascinating, whimsical journey that will bring freedom and fun to your parenting--one great book at a time.


"If you've ever wished your most beloved literary heroines could come to life and guide you through your parenting journey, you're in luck. In Mothering by the Book, Jennifer Pepito pairs her own hard-earned insights with truth, advice, and transformative life tools from the classic characters we know and love. The result? Wit and wisdom for every mother, everywhere."

Erin Loechner, author of Chasing Slow

"Jennifer Pepito is a mother of unparalleled principle and passion. With vulnerable reflection and seasoned wisdom, she shows us how literature can not only entertain and educate, but also help us reframe our values, revive our confidence, and recapture the magic of motherhood."

Ainsley Arment, author of The Call of the Wild + Free

"In Mothering by the Book, Jennifer Pepito declares that literature can shape your worldview, dispel narcissism, and allow you to walk in another person's shoes, if only for a few brief pages. Her words will call you to courageous parenting by pointing you back to the books of your childhood." 

Jamie Erickson, author of Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child with Confidence and Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow

"Mothering by the Book is a beautiful collection of wise insight and gentle guidance from a mentor. Jennifer generously offers stories from her life alongside classic literature and Scripture to speak right to a mother's heart. Mothering by the Book is inspiring, engaging, and practical; it reminds us that we're not alone, and that there is always hope."

Leah Boden, author of Moments on Mothering

"In Mothering by the Book, Jennifer Pepito rejects the common veil of perfect motherhood to reveal a beautifully messy and inspiring journey that my mama heart immediately recognizes as truth. Her words are a balm that leaves me feeling seen and known. By uniquely tying the lessons of life's trials and triumphs to living literature and God's Word, Jennifer Pepito gifts mothers a sincere hope while reminding us of the incomparably fierce power of a mother's love."

Amber O'Neal Johnston, author of A Place to Belong

"I loved reading about Jennifer's experiences as a mother of many. Her deep understanding of our fears and motivations made her story not only familiar but hopeful. Mothering by the Book is full of the ups and downs of walking with Christ in the midst of crazy large-family logistics."

Cindy Rollins, author of Mere Motherhood

"This is not just another parenting book; Jennifer has captured something deeper and more profound--how to overcome the pestilent fears that rob us of experiencing joy, peace, and fulfillment. This book will transform you, your marriage, your relationship with your children, and most of all, your relationship with God." 

Jeannie Fulbright, MFA, author of the Young Explorer Series

"Jennifer Pepito shows us how we can rewrite the story of fear in our own lives so we can shepherd our children well. Masterfully weaving together beloved books, Scriptures, and vulnerable truths from her own life, Jennifer helps us create an environment of peace, joy, fun, and presence in our families."

Christine Marie Bailey, author of The Kindred Life

"As a mother who deeply cherishes the formative value of rich literature not only in my children's lives but also in my own heart, I adore this book. Jennifer weaves some of our family's favorite read-alouds along with biblical truth throughout this book to equip readers to choose faith over fear. Her profound insight on motherhood and carefully chosen examples from literature breathed fresh insight, encouragement, and joy into my heart. Mothering by the Book is a true treasure for all mamas."

Dr. Ashley Turner, author of Restorative Kitchen

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    Jennifer Pepito

    Jennifer Pepito ( is the author of Mothering by the Book and the founder of The Peaceful Press. Jennifer is on a mission to help moms overcome fear and love their lives, and her homeschool curriculum empowers this through...

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