More Glimpses of Heaven

Inspiring True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Life’s Journey

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More true stories of the tender beauty of life's end

There is more to death than simply ceasing to live. In Glimpses of Heaven, retired hospice nurse Trudy Harris offered an intimate look at the final days and moments of terminally ill and dying people. Now she shares more of her stories and also stories from other medical and hospice professionals, allowing the veil to be drawn back on God's handiwork, while we are both living and dying.

If you have lost a loved one, are facing a terminal illness, or are simply curious about what happens when we pass from life to death, More Glimpses of Heaven offers you an even deeper insight into God's plan for our lives every day.


"Trudy Harris has done a masterful job of presenting stories of experiences with the end of life that illustrate the fact that just as there is a divine plan for our entry into this world, God has planned for our exit from this world. Trudy's gift is her insight into the powerful meaning and beauty of these experiences, and her understanding that they reinforce the love and caring that our Creator has for each of us. Her work has enabled others to see that the end of our lives can be a time of reconciliation, peace, and satisfaction. This message is not heard enough today and should provide hope and inspiration to all who read her work and understand the powerful message each story in her book contains."--Susan Ponder-Stansel, LCSW, QCSW, ACHE president and CEO, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

"I only wish I had read Glimpses of Heaven and now More Glimpses of Heaven early in my training as a physician. I think most physicians are unaware that these incredible and beautiful experiences are taking place in our patients' lives after they walk out of our office for the last time. The awareness that such experiences were happening would have enhanced my ability to provide more reassurance and spiritual comfort to my patients."--Kelley Ann Trent, MD

"A remarkable collection of inspiring stories. Hope, love, comfort, and peace fill each page."--John W. Logue, director, Spirituality Center, St. Vincent's Spirituality Center, Jacksonville, FL


"Trudy has written a beautiful work, helping us know what might happen in our own journey as she gives us courage, hope, and faith in realizing that dying is the path to new life."--Francis MacNutt, PhD, co-founding director, Christian Healing Ministries; author, Healing

"Harris's book is a significant addition to the literature in its emphasis on the spiritual dimensions of living each day fully all the way to life's ending. The stories presented reflect the very real communication that occurs at the end of life between the dying person and those who care for them."--Paul Brenner, MDiv; CEO of hospice programs in Florida, Maryland, and New York City; consultant for the Healing Project, San Francisco, California

"As I read this book, I cried, I laughed, and I thought . . . of my own mortality. This collection of stories transcends generations and time. What wonderful stories Trudy has given us and what a wonderful gift to those who will read this book."--Bob Losure, former CNN Headline News anchor

"Anyone who has experienced death or is facing the loss of a loved one will gain strength from the simple yet powerful truths contained in this book. They reflect death not as an ending but merely as an extension of life. Through the stories of real people told here, we will better understand and take comfort in that passage."--Melody Simmons, journalist

"Glimpses of Heaven brings home in so many moving and deeply inspiring ways the reality of life after death--a life filled with the abundance of God's love and the joy of those we loved dearly in this world. We are truly indebted to Trudy Harris for sharing these experiences."--Most Reverend John J. Snyder, former Bishop of Saint Augustine

"This book is for everyone--from health care providers to social workers to clergy, and all of us who will one day find ourselves saying good-bye to someone we love. Glimpses of Heaven goes where few people venture--into a sacred space that is worth exploring."--Paul Malley, president, Aging with Dignity

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  1. Trudy Harris RN

    Trudy Harris RN

    Trudy Harris, RN, is the New York Times bestselling author of Glimpses of Heaven and More Glimpses of Heaven, a former hospice nurse, and former president of the Hospice Foundation for Caring. Since retirement, Harris remains active in...

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