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Did you hear about the guy who stole a truck filled with rubber bands?
He was put away for a long stretch.

Last night I slept on a 10-foot bed!
That's a lot of bunk.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Dots who?
Dots for me to know and you to find out.

Full of wacky illustrations, hilarious jokes, and crazy tongue twisters, More Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids promises hours of good clean fun and all-out belly laughs. Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, long car or plane rides, and any time you need a laugh!

For kids ages 6-12.

Sandy Silverthorne
is an author/illustrator with more than half a million copies in print. His award-winning Great Bible Adventure children's series has been distributed in eight languages worldwide. Sandy has worked as a cartoonist, author, illustrator, actor, pastor, speaker, and comedian. Apparently it's hard for him to focus.

The Author

  1. Sandy Silverthorne

    Sandy Silverthorne

    Sandy Silverthorne, author of Made You Laugh!, Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids, and More Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids, has been writing and illustrating books since 1988 and currently has over 600,000 copies in print. His...

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