Money and the Prosperous Soul

Tipping the Scales of Favor and Blessing

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CFO and Charismatic Leader Offers Spiritual and Practical Financial Help

In an age of mounting credit debt, get-rich-quick schemes, and high unemployment, many people are left wondering, "Why am I always struggling with finances? Why can't I seem to get ahead?" While the market is flooded with short-term help, few resources address the root spiritual problems behind money.

In a warm, conversational style, CFO and CPA firm owner Stephen K. DeSilva offers a unique, prophetic/supernatural approach to handling money. This respected charismatic leader combines financial philosophy, biblical truth, supernatural deliverance, and prophetic teaching, and also offers related practical and prophetic exercises throughout each chapter.

Money and the Prosperous Soul will help every believer struggling with lack to overcome wrong thinking and destructive cycles and learn the biblical and supernatural principles of success. Free online resources make this a perfect resource for small group classes and self-study.


"I'm grateful that Stephen DeSilva has finally put prosperity in the proper light: by defining it by the condition of your soul, not your wallet."

--Dave Ramsey, host, The Dave Ramsey Show; bestselling author, The Total Money Makeover

"There are two fatal and opposite errors that rob us of happiness and pull us off the path of a prosperous soul. Steve illuminates these errors and teaches how to avoid their grip."

--Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles; author, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

"Steve DeSilva is a fresh, challenging and encouraging author. Money and the Prosperous Soul is a financial book based on the remarkable prayer from 1 John 1:2 'that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.' Although God does not promise to make us rich, He clearly uses money to test our faithfulness and help us achieve that which is ultimately most significant. This book guides readers through their own journey toward a prosperous soul."

--Howard Dayton, founder, Compass-Finances God's Way; co-founder, Crown Financial Ministries

"...A tool that can impart wisdom and unveil a purpose to enlist millions of believers into becoming active participants in the great transfer of wealth spoken of in the Bible. My heart leaped as, page after page, Steve took me beyond my high expectations into realms I could only imagine. A masterpiece that could equip a generation to succeed where others have failed."

--from the foreword by Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church (Redding, CA); author, When Heaven Invades Earth and Face to Face with God

"Thank you, Steve, for tunneling deep on the subject of wealth. You dig up a gold mine of unique insights because you have done the hard work to forge a gold mind, illuminated by the Spirit. By challenging each of us to come to terms with faulty thinking on this subject, you create a fresh place for us to discover our individual purpose and sphere of influence. Your book shows us how it is possible to fill that sphere with the supernatural provision needed. If we all do what you teach, Jesus will be seen as the answer to the desire of nations. A brilliant book!"

--Lance Wallnau, Lance Learning Group

"I met Steve thirteen years ago when he offered his CPA experience free of charge to our fledgling church as a blessing. A successful CPA, pastor, teacher and now author, Steve brings his years of practical experience together and offers a clear, helpful path in understanding God's call to each of us as stewards of His resources. Steve's insights will give many a useful handle in the everyday events of spiritual formation into Christlikeness. His wisdom and no-nonsense approach to the naturally supernatural aspects of how we steward all that God entrusts to us will leave you humbled, encouraged, convicted and equipped for change."

--Mike Kerns, senior pastor, Vineyard Church of Redding; co-founder & CEO, YAKS Koffee Shops; president, Forever Love International

"Bookshelves today creak under the weight of myriad books written on the subject of finance. Add to that the vicissitudes of our times, and we find it even more difficult to navigate a balance between experiencing personal prosperity and honoring God. Steve has written with clarity and practicality, revealing that knowing how to do the math, coupled with experiencing the miraculous, is the equation for Kingdom solvency. I encourage you to ponder every principle with the confidence that you are reading more than mere theory. You are reading truth that has been put on trial and proven reliable."

--Randall Worley, Ph.D.

"'Red sky at night, sailor's delight.' Prepare to take a voyage that will lead you to God's true riches in your life."

--Rick Sbrocca, CEO, Spiritus Solutions, LLC

"Author Steve De Silva has hit a home run. In the past thirty years I have started seven companies, including a marketplace consulting business. Over these years I have observed scores of people struggling with serious financial issues without any real resolution. They finally wind up getting financial counseling from someone, or reading some book that teaches them various budgeting skills but that never really deals with the root issues of their hearts. Soon after, they find themselves in the same bondage all over again.

"Years ago I heard someone say, 'If you need money, don't ask for money; ask why you need money.' Like an experienced heart surgeon, Steve unearths the very core issues of our lives that perpetuate poverty and undermine wealth. This book is not another of those get-rich-quick schemes but a life voyage though the seas of adversity to the shores of prosperity. Prosperous Soul is a must-read for everyone who wants to live in peace and leave a legacy."

--Kris Vallotton, senior associate leader, Bethel Church (Redding, CA); co-founder, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry; author, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and Purity, the New Moral Revolution

"With this book Stephen DeSilva has bridged the gap between the spiritual and the marketplace. Our company's guiding principle--"Living in His presence, resting in His provision, demonstrating His Kingdom"--requires a marriage of Kingdom principles to Kingdom power. Thanks to Stephen's wisdom, I now have a stronger grasp of Kingdom principles and how our business can demonstrate Kingdom power more fully on a daily basis. His insights into our need for developing a prosperous soul in order to see the Kingdom of God come with power have, for me, been personally transformative, and, I believe, will soon be for our company as well."

--Doug Hignell, CEO, The Hignell Companies; Ph.D., Stanford Graduate School of Business

"Stephen's Prosperous Soul workshop set me free to prosper, and I am pleased to see that his book carries the same anointing. Rather than a how-to book on steps to financial prosperity, he challenges your beliefs about money and reveals God's boundless love available to you. He offers freedom from the inner chains that bind you to a 'less-than' mentality so that you, too, can become a prosperous soul, living in the abundance of the Kingdom--both seen and yet to come."

--Julia Loren, author, When God Says Yes: His Promise and Provision When You Need It Most

"Money and the Prosperous Soul is an exceptional book rich with divine inspiration. Every page is loaded with truth and overflows with a wealth of godly wisdom. Steve's remarkable journey portrays this reality, and his proven character serves as a roadmap for those desiring to live a prosperous life. I am delighted to introduce a book that is thoughtful, authentic and, most of all, extremely practical."

--Larry Randolph, conference speaker; author, User Friendly Prophesy

"My friend Steve has crafted into remarkably few pages an expansive and profound understanding and application of living in the abundance of God's Kingdom. No armchair quarterbacking here, as Steve expounds with the authority of one who knows from practice that the core value is relational--an inner life of passionate pursuit of Father God and His eyes, heart and values in which true riches serve people and not the other way around. Steve guides us in how to avoid the traps of mammon, poverty spirit, debt, consumerism and materialism. The key? Finding your divine purpose, 'which is in you as grain is in wood,' and we uncover it in direct and intimate fellowship with Him. The sections on the fruit of the Sabbath, toil versus work and plans versus purpose are alone worth the price of the book. A stunning volume."

--Andre Van Mol, M.D., family physician; vice president, PrayNorthState; board member, Moral Revolution

"Steve's writing is filled with prophetic and practical hope, provoking our hearts to a well-balanced paradigm shift from today's prevailing hopelessness and despair, following models of fear (spirit of poverty) and greed (spirit of mammon), to restoring our ultimate hope in our purpose and identity in God. I recommend Steve's book to all who want to be entrusted with the true riches of the Kingdom, who choose to have a hopeful perspective, God's perspective--the true revelation of hope and the wisdom of a Joseph."

--Bob Hartley, founder and president, the Hartley Institute

The Author

  1. Stephen K. De Silva

    Stephen K. De Silva

    Stephen K. De Silva began his career in 1985 as a certified public accountant. As a self-employed professional, he joined Bethel Church in 1995 to serve as chief financial officer and a member of the senior leadership team. Now Stephen has transitioned to...

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