A Mom’s Guide to Shaping Great Kids

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Mothering is part art, part science, and always a work in progress! Created with the next generation of mothers in mind, Momology is a delightful collaboration of celebration and information to help readers be the unique mothers God created them to be. With access to 36 years of research-based ministry at MOPS, Momology shares the four core elements of successful mothering using a variety of voices: parenting and relationship experts, peer-to-peer advice, and the respected team at MOPS International. With lively contemporary design, fresh perspectives, and cutting edge research, Momology seeks to make better moms--because better moms make
a better world.


"No mom should mother alone--you need all the support you can get. Momology brings kitchen-table wisdom and recent research together so you'll have just what you need to raise great kids."--Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Have a New Kid by Friday and The Birth Order Book

"An entertaining and informative collection of stories, strategies, statistics, and sound advice. From the finesse of day-to-day parenting to the big picture of what it means to be called God's child, Momology is filled with great insights presented in a way even a dad can enjoy!"--Mike Nawrocki co-creator of VeggieTales and voice of Larry the Cucumber

"A treasure book filled with practical, informative, inspiring, and creative ideas to help guide moms in raising happy, productive, God-loving children."--Fern Nichols, president, Moms in Touch Intl.

"As a mom, you face new realities and patience-testing challenges almost everyday. Here's a book that knows your needs and speaks your language! Momology acknowledges there is no one 'formula' for mothering and no one expert to give you all the answers. Every child is different and every mom is different. Momology offers research, stories, and real-life applications from other moms, and then reminds you that you are a resilient, resourceful woman who brings unique qualities to your mothering. So you are capable of examining your options--mixing and matching, trying and tweaking--to find the creative combination that works for you. That's why I believe Momology is the most user-friendly, relevant, and complete resource for moms today."--Carol Kuykendall, author of Five-Star Families

"Researchers have identified loneliness and isolationism as key mom issues when children are under five years of age. The ideas and solutions from real moms in Momology ooze with authenticity and demonstrate how other moms not only survive, but thrive."--Dr. Mary Manz Simon, practical parenting specialist

"I am thrilled that MOPS has come out with a guide for the new generation of moms. As always, MOPS addresses the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual elements of life as a mom with a young family and provides smart advice and solutions. A real must-have for moms."--Kara Forney, founder, vice president, and publishing director, The Bump

"Genius! A book that empowers mothers to trust their instincts and craft a mothering style all their own, uniquely tailored to their own children. Practical, immediately applicable, and above all encouraging. Radic certainly knows what moms need to hear."--Tally Flint, editor of The Mommy Diaries and mother of four

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  1. Shelly Radic

    Shelly Radic

    Shelly Radic is Chief of Staff at MOPS International, author of The Birthday Book, and a regular contributor to MOPS publications. Her writing is informed by her education, mothering her four children, and twenty years of MOPS experience. She lives in Colorado.

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