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Modern Theological German

A Reader and Dictionary

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This dictionary, containing selections from the German Bible and theologians such as Luther, Barth, Thielicke, and Riesner, defines over 20,000 terms.


A revised edition of the author's popular German reader is now combined with his dictionary of theological German into one handy volume. This work provides a useful introduction for seminary and graduate students who desire a reading knowledge of the German theological vocabulary.

This revised reader contains several new readings and is divided into two sections. The first is comprised of a number of selections taken from the German Bible, intended to assist the student by beginning with familiar texts. The second section moves on to more difficult selections drawn from the writings of a number of German theologians, including Martin Luther, Albert Schweitzer, Karl Barth, Helmut Thielicke, and Rainer Riesner.

The dictionary, previously published as a separate volume, contains over 20,000 terms. Because of the specialized nature of the theological task and its vocabulary, many of the terms found in Ziefle's dictionary are not generally found, or are given but slight treatment, in traditional German dictionaries.

Ziefle's work has long been the best resource of its kind, and now in its revised and combined form, it will prove to be even more useful to theological students who seek access to the wealth of material available only in German.

The Author

  1. Helmut W. Ziefle

    Helmut W. Ziefle

    Helmut W. Ziefle (PhD, University of Illinois) is professor of German emeritus at Wheaton College, where he taught for more than thirty years.

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