Ministering Cross-Culturally, 3rd Edition

A Model for Effective Personal Relationships


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The purpose of Ministering Cross-Culturally is to examine experiences in interpersonal relations, using a conceptual model that will provide an understanding of our underlying priorities or values and those of the people with whom we interact. The model of basic values, which was first proposed by Marvin Mayers (1974), contains twelve key elements. These elements are presented in the form of six pairs of contrasting priorities for social relationships.

To help you get a better grasp of how insights from the model may be applied to your own life and ministry, we encourage you to answer the following questionnaire to plot your own personal basic values profile. There are no “right answers” for the questionnaire. Rather, it is designed to help you see your value preferences and then to understand how you are similar to and different from others at home and abroad.

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