Mentalpause and Other Midlife Laughs

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Do you often forget the words for common things, like "husband" or "sink"? Have you suddenly found subzero temperatures pleasant? Are your body parts starting to move south for the winter, spring, summer . . . ?



Midlife and menopause can be . . . what was I going to say? Oh, yeah, they can be challenging times. But there are plenty of reasons to be thankful, too. Laura Jensen Walker went into early menopause after her bout with breast cancer. In this book, she celebrates life and helps you laugh in the midst of hot flashes and memory loss.


As in Thanks for the Mammogram!, Laura shares hilarious vignettes and words of wisdom from her experience and those of other women who have "been there, done that," are there, or are headed into "mentalpause." Don't worry when you find yourself entering "fuddy-duddydom" or looking at your mother's face in the mirror; turn down the air-conditioning and join Laura for a lot of laughs instead.




"As a thirty-something mother of five, I've just decided that I need to add one more thing to my "gotta' do before I'm forty" list and that is re-read Laura Jensen Walker's hilarious new book, Mentalpause. This laugh-out-loud book's fresh approach to those middle years gives me the courage to 'smile at the future.' After I've re-read Laura's book, all I'll have left on my "gotta' do" list is: go skydiving, lose those last ten pounds, visit Hawaii, and write a humor book on mid-life--wait! that's already been done! . (And done well, Laura--good job!)" --Ellie Kay, best-selling financial humorist and author of Shop, Save and Share and How To Save Money Every Day

"Laura's new book is a cup of cool water to women all over the country who keep asking, 'Is it hot in here to you?' It's the perfect refreshment for mid-life women in need of some encouragement, camaraderie, and laughter." --Becky Freeman, national speaker and author of Worms in my Tea and Chocolate Chili Pepper Love

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  1. Laura Jensen Walker

    Laura Jensen Walker

    Award-winning author Laura Jensen Walker approaches life with a sense of humor. She is the author of many books, including Mentalpause and Other Midlife Laughs and several novels. Laura lives in Northern California with her Renaissance-man...

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