How to Develop Extravagant Givers in Your Church

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Turn First-Time Givers into Generous Stewards
Maximize is the ultimate how-to book for pastors and church leaders who long for their churches to be fully resourced and able to carry out ministry initiatives without financial strain. Shining a light on the often taboo subject of money, Maximize offers an innovative, step-by-step plan for systemizing and maximizing financial gifts while growing strong disciples. You'll learn how to









Stewardship is an essential part of discipleship. This revolutionary, biblically based guide will chase the money discussion out of the darkness and bring it the attention it deserves.

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For stewardship guidance and inspiration for laypeople, check out The Generosity Ladder.


"I will read anything I can get my big hands on if Nelson Searcy's name is on it. He is one of the most practical writers I've read on any topic relating to the church, and certainly Maximize serves to solidify this observation. In Maximize, Nelson helps you to get an idea of how a church can handle its finances. This is must reading for all pastors who want to lead their churches in the area of its finances, and who wouldn't?"--Aubrey Malphurs, founder, the Malphurs Group; professor of pastoral ministries, Dallas Seminary

"Nelson is one of the most strategically minded leaders on the planet. I love how he uses his gift to share with other church leaders the steps we can take to make sure our churches are healthy." --Perry Noble, pastor, NewSpring Church

"Nelson Searcy has touched a vital nerve for new innovative churches. I have been watching new churches being planted for over sixty years. One of the things that many church planters ignore, or refuse to embrace, is the problem of money. Nelson Searcy has written a book that is needed for every new church plant and every young church planter. They must honestly embrace stewardship and follow its principles to build a strong, healthy local church. Since stewardship is correctly managing our time, talent, treasure for the glory of God, part of our treasure belongs to God for use in his kingdom. Thanks to Nelson for a great job with this book."--Elmer Towns, co-founder, vice president, Liberty University

"So many 'good' churches could become 'great' churches with more financial resources to equip them to do what God is leading them to do. This book will give you ideas that will inspire you as a leader, help build biblical values of stewardship in lives of believers, and inspire genuine generosity in the hearts of people. Read Maximize immediately--and tell every pastor you know to buy this book!"--Philip Wagner, lead pastor, Oasis Church, Los Angeles, CA

The Authors

  1. Nelson Searcy

    Nelson Searcy

    Nelson Searcy is the founding and lead pastor of The Journey Church. Started in 2002 in New York City, this groundbreaking church sees the majority of its growth coming from new believers and currently meets in locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Staten...

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  2. Jennifer Dykes Henson

    Jennifer Dykes Henson

    Jennifer Dykes Henson is a writer, wife, and mom to two young girls. She has coauthored several bestselling books, including The Generosity Ladder and Tongue Pierced. Previously, Jennifer worked with Dr. Charles Stanley as the...

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