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"The perfect introduction to a serious reading of the Markan Gospel. Carefully researched and based on an insightful reading of the Gospel text, it will remain a staple of Markan studies for years to come."--Frank J. Matera, The Catholic University of America
The earliest and briefest of the four Gospels has traditionally been ascribed to a disciple named Mark In some ages it been overshadowed by its lengthier neighbors in the New Testament, but its pages hold rich rewards for those who ask the right questions. Who was "Mark," and what were his purposes--historical, theological, or otherwise? How does he shape his story of Jesus, and what interpretation of the origins of Christianity does that shaping reveal? More particularly, what is his understanding of his central character, Jesus of Nazareth? And finally, what abiding value does his story hold for those who read this "good news" as a key part of the charter of the Christian church in its life today?

Seminarians, other graduate students and advanced undergraduates, pastors, and other readers seeking an introduction to the Gospel of Mark through the lens of sensitive literary, historical, and theological scholarship need look no further. In Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist, Francis J. Moloney offers the fruits of top-level biblical scholarship in a broadly accessible format. Students and professors alike will appreciate and profit from his fresh and lucid presentation of the message of one of the Christian faith's earliest and most enigmatic proponents and the inventor of its most revered literary genre.


"If you are seeking a reliable and engaging introduction to the Gospel of Mark, look no further. Moloney's work presents students and pastors, as well as scholars, with a reliable account of how the Gospel of Mark became such a central text in contemporary New Testament studies, and it offers as an engaging reading of the Markan story that opens new vistas. Moloney provides a thorough study of Markan Christology and ecclesiology, and his final chapter, 'The Good News of Human Failure,' is the most insightful statement of Mark's accomplishment I have read. Clearly written and always compelling in its presentation, Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist is the perfect introduction to a serious reading of the Markan Gospel. Carefully researched and based on an insightful reading of the Gospel text, it will remain a staple of Markan studies for years to come."--Frank J. Matera, professor of New Testament, The Catholic University of America

The Author

  1. Francis J. Moloney

    Francis J. Moloney

    Francis J. Moloney, SDB (DPhil, University of Oxford), is Senior Professorial Fellow at Catholic Theological College, University of Divinity, in Melbourne, Australia. He is the former Provincial Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco for Australia and the...

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"Moloney plunges deeply into the background, structure, literary character, and profound theology of this Gospel and the community from which it derived. College or seminary courses on Mark might find this a helpful resource, with its clear analysis and rich bibliographical material."--The Bible Today

"I highly recommend this book as an introduction to Mark for college and seminary classes. Lay individuals and parish study groups will find this book accessible and beneficial, and scholars will benefit from many fine insights in the text and in the informative endnotes."--Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"A thorough introduction to Markan theology. . . . The book includes detailed scholarly notes and two bibliographies."--International Review of Biblical Studies

"[This] book is definitely one of the most readable introductions to Mark."--Toronto Journal of Theology

"This really is a good, solid introduction to the gospel of Mark (and there are many to choose from!). For one thing, it is very readable and easy to digest. It covers all of the basic issues one needs to address in an introduction, and it keeps the extraneous material to a minimum. The book does not get bogged down in using Greek, and it is also uncluttered by footnotes (endnotes appear at the conclusion of each chapter). Moloney is perhaps best when he concentrates on the narrative aspects of the gospel of Mark, how and in what manner he relates the story of Jesus of Nazareth. He is very good at defining the narrative plot, the characterization skills involved, the dramatic movement of the story, etc. It all helps to allow the reader to approach the gospel with a fresh appreciation of the technical expertise employed by Mark as a writer."--Regent's Reviews

"This is a very useful student introduction to Mark. . . . It is the kind of introduction that, although it discusses scholars, primarily gives a particular reading of the Gospel, rather being a presentation and evaluation of current scholarship. It could function as the main textbook for a course. . . . This is a good way into the many-faceted contents of Mark's Gospel."--Journal for the Study of the New Testament

"Designed for the nonspecialist, this study manages to include a good deal of information about the gospel of Mark in a limited amount of space. . . . As befits this non-technical treatment, Moloney regulates scholarly notes to the end of chapters, thereby rendering the text readable and the pages airy and attractive. . . . This is one of the better introductions to Markan thought. It is recommended for its intended purpose."--Religious Studies Review

"Moloney's writing style is readable and inviting, and the price of the volume is reasonable. . . . Moloney's work could provide a helpful contribution to introductory instruction on the second Gospel."--Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

"There is much to appreciate in this volume, and it should prove useful as a succinct guide to Mark's narrative and theology to reading laity, students, and pastors alike."--Reformed Theological Review

"This work is a classic example of multum in parvo. [Moloney] is in total control of the secondary literature but writes with a grace and clarity that will delight readers. Original insights and interpretations abound . . . At present, there is no study of Mark's Gospel so well suited to students, religious professionals, and scholars in allied fields."--Theological Studies

"A useful primer for nonspecialists or complementary textbook for undergraduate and M.A./M.Div. courses on Mark. . . . The footnotes provide needed support for and nuancing of the book's argument as well as helpful resources for readers who wish to pursue further issues that are not fully explored in the study itself. In addition, Moloney judiciously uses the Greek text, for which he provides transliterations, to flesh out his interpretive proposals."--Review of Biblical Literature

"Moloney's study provides a concise introduction into the Gospel of Mark as a narrative. . . . Highly recommended as [a] resource for students and pastors."--Review of Biblical Literature

"[Moloney's] book does offer new perspectives on the background, structure, literary character, and theology of Mark's Gospel. College or Seminary students will find it a helpful resource. "--Andrews University Seminary Studies

"The work is certainly engaging."--Ashland Theological Journal

"Shorter than a commentary, but based on it, and written in a lucid, popular, and accessible style (albeit with well-documented endnotes for the specialist), this book by Moloney will be found of interest to students, scholars, and pastors alike. . . . [T]his is an excellent contribution to recent Markan studies; it will be of value to those interested in this endlessly fascinating Gospel for some time to come."--Expository Times

"This book . . . is excellent. Moloney states in his preface that he has written this book 'for students of religious studies and theology, be they M.A. or M.Div. students.' He goes on to say that he trusts his book will also be of value to professional scholars. Moloney's book is an overwhelming success."--Review and Expositor

"[A] crisply written, consistently insightful introductory text. . . . If I had to choose one textbook for an introductory course on Mark, I would select Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist."--Greg Carey, Lexington Theological Quarterly