Mantled for Greatness

Your Prophetic Guide to Releasing a God-Sized Dream

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Unlock the Greatness of God Inside You

Something is stirring deep inside us--a seed of greatness buried just below the surface, daring to break forth. We know we are created for more, but are we actually equipped to handle it?

Challenging you to think bigger, prophetic voice Joshua Giles helps you awaken to a vision, anointing, dream, and calling for your life that is greater than you can imagine. Through Scripture, stories, and sound prophetic insight, he helps you

· expand your capacity to house more of what God has for you
· embrace the small things that unlock the great things
· handle the pressures of divine assignments
· break through your limitations
· prepare for a net-breaking blessing
· catch your mantle

God created you for greater things--and he's called you to a God-sized dream that will turn the world upside down.


"For all of those who've been searching for the master key to unlock the greatness that is inside of you, your search is over! In his book Mantled for Greatness, Joshua Giles skillfully and prophetically walks you through the process of transformation and transition required to equip you to handle the mantle!"

Isaac Pitre, president of Isaac Pitre Ministries, leader of II Kings Global Network,

"As usual, another revelatory book from Prophet Giles that had me reading nonstop and gave me clarity about my own mantle for deliverance. A must-read for all Kingdom people who have been called for specialized ministry in the Body of Christ."

Apostle Alexander Pagani, bestselling author of The Secrets to Deliverance

"In his book Mantled for Greatness, Joshua Giles brilliantly leads you from the beginning seeds of faith to the manifestation of God's greatness within you. As you read, your ceiling will become your floor. You will be mantled for your God-given assignment and empowered to become a vessel of God's glory. Everything you've walked through has prepared you for such a time as this."

Matt Sorger, prophetic minister, spiritual mentor, transformational health coach

"Mantled for Greatness is a book about the action of faith and the process of moving from small to greatness. What really spoke to me was how we are the innovative solutions to big problems. Joshua Giles shows us that when we examine and channel our abilities through the Spirit of God, we can multiply in incredible ways. You have the capacity to be great! This book will help you unlock the well of greatness within you. Once unlocked, your greatness can be transferred to another generation!"

Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, president of Glory of Zion International and Kingdom Harvest Alliance

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  1. Joshua Giles
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    Joshua Giles

    Joshua Giles is a USA Today bestselling author, the lead pastor and founder of Kingdom Embassy Worship Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and founder of Joshua Giles Ministries and the Mantle Network. An apostle, prophet, and sought-after speaker and...

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