Mama's Got Anxiety

But It’s Not Going to Steal Her Joy

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All moms worry, right? But if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, that worry can quickly become debilitating. Fears about something bad happening to your kids, obsessing, stigmas around taking medication, panic attacks, the need for control, difficulty sleeping, and the feeling of what your anxiety says about your faith. You know your time with your kids is precious, but the worry, fear, and anxiety conspire to steal your joy.

In Mama's Got Anxiety, fellow anxious mom Courtney Devich helps you understand all the anxious feelings you're facing so you can cope and take your joy back. Equipping you with biblical hope and encouragement, she shows you

· the truth to combat the lies you've believed about your anxiety
· the strength from God's Word to face all the feelings and symptoms of anxiety
· how anxiety is not a sign of weak faith or something to be ashamed of
· how God can use your anxiety for good

You don't have to let your anxiety steal your joy in motherhood. Instead, let Courtney show you the comfort God gives.


"If you're a mama who has asked all the 'What if . . .?' or 'How about . . .?' questions regarding the well-being of your children or your competency as a mom, you're in good company. Courtney offers a hand to hold through her relatable and vulnerable tale of her own anxiety related to motherhood. For my patients who have struggled with worry, fear, or anxiety, they most want to know that they aren't crazy and they aren't alone. Mama's Got Anxiety assures the reader they aren't alone and their anxiety around child-rearing doesn't detract from their worth or effectiveness as a mother."

Dr. Michelle Bengtson, award-winning author of Breaking Anxiety's Grip and host of the podcast Your Hope-Filled Perspective

"Courtney Devich's new book Mama's Got Anxiety came to me at a perfect time. After sharing about my own struggles with fear in Mothering by the Book, I was well aware of how fear and anxiety steal joy from our families and that I had steps to overcome. But new fears had come up for me in the midst of a new season. Courtney's book had helpful reminders for recapturing peace as well as scriptural reminders that God has us and He will never forsake us. Courtney reminds us of His trustworthiness and gives the fearful mama hopeful insights for creating calm."

Jennifer Pepito, author of Mothering by the Book

"This book is so needed for mamas in our world right now! Courtney reminds us of an important truth: anxiety's voice and God's voice are not the same. She guides readers into God's presence using relatable stories. She encourages us to drop shame and pick up His mercy and grace as practical strategies are implemented into a new way of thinking and living. As a survivor and overcomer of anxiety, I am so grateful we have this tool!"

Caris Snider, bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and certified professional life coach

"If you are looking for a friend who has traveled through the trenches of anxiety and is eager to remind you that you are not alone and there is hope--Courtney Devich is that friend. Any woman who suffers from anxiety rooted in or exacerbated by motherhood will find great comfort, biblical encouragement, and practical tools in the pages of Mama's Got Anxiety."

Becky Keife, author of The Simple Difference and No Better Mom for the Job

"As a fellow mama who has struggled with anxiety (and has experienced how it can amplify in motherhood), I found myself nodding along with Courtney's book and thinking, 'This is exactly how I've felt.' For any mom struggling with anxiety and feeling like your faith must not be strong enough, this book will be a calming reassurance that God is right there with you in anxiety and He is not done with you."

Kelli Bachara, mental health therapist and writer

The Author

  1. Courtney Devich

    Courtney Devich

    Courtney Devich is a mama relying on Jesus and reheated coffee every day. Using humor, honesty, and relatability, she writes with a heart for the mom struggling with anxiety or depression. Her writing has appeared in Her View From Home, TODAY Parents,...

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