Making Your Differences Work for Your Marriage

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What's the secret to a great marriage? Your differences.

No matter how well you get along, you and your spouse are two different people. You have individual backgrounds, tastes, experiences, and personalities. Because of this, you each bring unique contributions to the table. And your marriage is at its best when you can use those differences to complement each other rather than work against one another.

Now relationship expert Rick Johnson shows you how to embrace your individuality, understand your spouse's needs and desires, and work together to build a strong marriage based on mutual respect and understanding.

Your marriage can be a loving, dynamic, lifelong experience. The best times of your life together are yet to come.

Rick Johnson is a bestselling author of That's My Son; That's My Teenage Son; That's My Girl; Better Dads, Stronger Sons; and Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half. He is the founder of Better Dads and is a sought-after speaker at many large parenting and marriage conferences across the United States and Canada. Rick and his wife, Suzanne, and their grown children live in Oregon. To find out more about Rick Johnson, visit

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  1. Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson is the bestselling author of several books, including That's My Son, That's My Teenage Son, That's My Girl, and Better Dads, Stronger Sons. He is the founder of Better Dads and is a sought-after speaker at parenting and...

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