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Luke, 2 Volumes

series: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

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"Each section of the text is addressed from a clearly organized series of perspectives. If there is such a thing as a user-friendly two-volume commentary on a single book, this is it!"--Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary

In this two-volume set on the Gospel of Luke, Darrell L. Bock offers students of the New Testament a substantive yet highly accessible commentary. With extensive research and thoughtful chapter-by-chapter exegesis, Bock leads readers through all aspects of the third Gospel--sociological, historical, and theological. The result is a guide that clearly and meaningfully brings this important New Testament book to life for contemporary readers.

Bock's two volumes on the Gospel of Luke are the inaugural volumes of the acclaimed BECNT series. As with all BECNT volumes, Luke features the author's own translation of the Greek text, detailed interaction with the original text, and a user-friendly design. This informative, balanced commentary also includes extensive introductory notes. It admirably achieves the dual aims of the series--academic sophistication with pastoral sensitivity and accessibility--making it a useful tool for students, professors, and pastors.


"This excellent commentary on the Lucan Gospel is massive but well written, informative, and judicious. . . . It should be a boon for pastors, priests, seminarians, and all educated general readers interested in the interpretation of the Gospels. Bock has read widely, asks the right questions, and gives a balanced answer in his interpretation of this Gospel."--Joseph A. Fitzmyer, SJ, Catholic University of America

"Its comprehensive discussions of the text and its judicious references to contemporary scholarship ensure that both the seminary student and the mature scholar find helpful and fresh material to enhance their understanding of the Gospel."--I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen

"Each section of the text is addressed from a clearly organized series of perspectives: overview, sources and historicity, translation, exegesis and exposition, summary, and additional notes. If there is such a thing as a user-friendly two-volume commentary on a single book, this is it!"--Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary

Praise for the series:
"This series has set a new standard in reader-friendliness with its attractive presentation that combines detailed exegetical comment on the Greek text with accessibility for those who have little or no knowledge of the original language of the New Testament."--I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen

The Author

  1. Darrell L. Bock

    Darrell L. Bock

    Darrell L. Bock (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is executive director for cultural engagement at the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, where he also serves as senior research professor of New Testament studies. He is the author or...

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"Both volumes are heavily exegetical, solidly expositional, and expressly evangelical. The clear and consistent structure that marks each unit of analysis renders the wealth of information highly usable and easily accessible. The commentary is convenient as well as comprehensive."--David Lertis Matson, Religious Studies Review

"Bock provides a well informed, conservative treatment of Luke's Gospel that is particularly attentive to its language and use of biblical idioms. The discussion of the individual pericopes . . . is readable, alerts the reader to the principal issues involved in the interpretation of any given passage, and dialogues with a representative selection of the main secondary literature on disputed points."--Christopher R. Matthews, Journal of Biblical Literature

"This is a most helpful and reliable guide to Luke's gospel, and promises to be the standard exegetical commentary by a conservative New Testament scholar for many years to come."--Top Picks of Commentaries on the New Testament, Talbot School of Theology

Praise for the series:

"In this age of unprecedented proliferation of biblical commentary series, it is an outstanding accomplishment for the Baker Exegetical series consistently to have produced what with only rare exceptions have become the best available commentaries on the Greek text of the New Testament book or books treated."--Craig Blomberg, Denver Journal

"Rigorous exegesis by seasoned scholars with explicit evangelical commitments. This is also one of the best-designed, easy-to-read series as it includes intro matters, then each commentator's translation, commentary, and textual notes for every passage. Very reliable."--Bruce Riley Ashford and Grant Taylor, Between the Times blog