Love Written in Stone

Finding God's Grace in the Boundaries He Sets

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Does God want you to live the good life?

Sometimes the Bible's instructions seem legalistic or even obsolete to our twentyfirst-century lives. But what if these laws are evidence that God cares? What if the ancient truths in the Bible actually show us the way to a healthy life, the kind of life we are looking for--even today?

As both a pastor and a medical doctor, Philip Carlson, MD, brings a unique perspective to the connection between following God's guidelines and wellness in our lives. As he demystifies God's expectations regarding family relationships, nutrition, sexuality, the environment, and more, Carlson's conclusions--backed up by recent research--may surprise you.

Here is your invitation to see how God desires your greatest good from the beginning of time.


"In this wonderful discussion of the contours of God's loving guidance for our lives, Phil Carlson demonstrates pastoral sensitivities, theological wisdom, and an impressive grasp of the ways in which the findings of the sciences confirm revealed truths about the human condition. But most of all, he writes with a candor informed by his own deep struggles to accept an abiding, and guiding, love that can come only from the One who has created and redeemed us."
Richard J. Mouw, PhD,
President and Professor of Christian Philosophy,
Fuller Theological Seminary

"Dr. Carlson's book is a practical and profound reminder of the significance of our relationship with our Creator not only to our spiritual health but also to our mental and physical wellness. This book stands out from the other self-help and behavior modification books that steer clear of values and absolutes and leave us without answers. This book deals with the root causes of the behaviors that leave us depressed, anxious, overweight, and undernourished, and provides motivation to see ourselves as God sees us and to respond accordingly. Understanding who we are and what we were made to do gives clear direction in pursuing not only health but balance and purpose in our time on this earth. A well-thought-out prescription to our modern epidemic of the over-privileged and perpetually dissatisfied life, with no side effects. True integrative medicine!"
Preedar J. Oreggio, MD, Medical Director, Sierra Spring Family Wellness Center, Medical Staff Program for Torture Victims, LA

"We can find ourselves trapped in painful circumstances that look nothing like the 'good life' we dreamed we would be living. If we risk believing that change is possible, we wonder which voice to follow in a world of conflicting philosophies and advice. If you or someone you love longs to have a life worth living, Love Written in Stone is a trustworthy travel guide.

"Drawing on his experience as both a physician and a pastor, Dr. Carlson provides engaging stories, fresh biblical insights, and compassionate counsel. This book enables the reader to experience why the sinful and broken were drawn to Jesus, and 'the way in which He was pulling for them--longing for them to turn from the mess they had made, to choose grace, forgiveness, and a new way of life, and to find their way home.'"
Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck,
Authors, Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life

"What matters most in life? In a beautifully written and carefully reasoned work, Phil Carlson evaluates available answers to the fundamental human quest for happiness, demonstrating the inadequacy of many of the most popular answers, and pointing us to our need to rest in the arms of the God who made us. In His caring love, God chooses to explain in His Word the remedy for so many of the problems we face in life, and these answers are carefully explained by Dr. Carlson in a way that brings encouragement and hope, reinforced by sound evidence from the sciences bearing out the positive impact of biblical wisdom.

"I admire Phil's candid openness about his own life, a reminder to all of us that the life of following Jesus is not always smooth and easy. I know few pastors with the ability to write with such intelligence, clarity, and at the same time vulnerability. I am very grateful for Phil's excellent work, and I fully recommend this book for theologians, pastors, laypeople, and anyone looking for the path to a happier and more fulfilling life."
Mihretu P. Guta,
Christian Philosopher and Apologist,
Author of three apologetics books in Amharic
(national language of Ethiopia),
Teacher at the Evangelical Theological College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
MA, MASR, PhD student

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  1. Philip Carlson, MD

    Philip Carlson, MD

    Philip Carlson, MD, (ThM, Fuller; MD, University of Southern California) is senior pastor of Bethany Church of Sierra Madre and practices family medicine in Pasadena. He also teaches at the college level and is a conference speaker. His first book, You Were...

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