Love in the Face of ISIS

Seven Prayer Strategies for the Crisis in the Middle East

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In less than a year's time, ISIS grew into a terrifying reality in the Middle East.

Thousands have been persecuted and martyred by this network of Islamic terrorists, and their numbers are increasing. It seems impossible to turn to the news without hearing of new atrocities committed by this violent organization. As ISIS continues to gain momentum and advance its territory, many Christians find themselves feeling powerless and afraid.

What can be done in the face of such evil?

In this timely, compelling book, Lorraine Marie Varela exposes the spirit behind ISIS and provides seven specific prayer strategies to effect real change in the Middle East.

Through true-life stories of supernatural intervention, you'll see how God is already at work in the midst of the violence in the Middle East--and you'll learn how to join His work through powerful, effective prayer.

Don't be afraid.

Partner with the purposes of God--and declare to ISIS that Love is coming after them.


"Lorraine has visited with some of those most affected in this evil war zone and is showing us the Jesus way to respond. . . . If you are grieving over the victims of ISIS, read this book."

from the foreword by Don Finto, founder and director emeritus, Caleb Company; author, Your People Shall Be My People

"Lorraine Varela is a gifted writer, and her book is a challenge to Christians to be informed, to pray fervently for our brothers and sisters abroad and to practice Christlike grace and truth--even when confronting the darkest of foes."

Lela Gilbert, author and journalist, Jerusalem, Israel

"This is a must-read! You will be encouraged to join the army of radical lovers and intercessors by joining the great Intercessor."

Samaa Habib, author, Face to Face with Jesus

"Not only does this book give an accurate historical and political account of the crisis in Iraq. But it is a book about the profound love of G-d, which can and will change everything. The love of G-d brings light into absolute darkness. It changes and transforms individual lives. This is a book that can change your life."

The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew P. B. White, president, Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME)

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  1. Lorraine Marie Varela

    Lorraine Marie Varela

    Lorraine Marie Varela ( is the author of Powerful Moments in the Presence of God and a professional photographer. She has traveled to the Middle East and lives near Seattle, where she and her husband help lead a Foursquare...

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