Love-Centered Parenting

The No-Fail Guide to Launching Your Kids

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Parent from a place of freedom and rest, instead of burden and stress.

It looked like Crystal Paine had it all together--a happy family, a successful business, a vibrant faith, and national bestselling books as the Money Saving Mom®. But in one day, her world turned upside down. She learned that her child was suffering from severe anxiety--and was being expelled for bullying others. Sitting in an emergency room with her husband and child, Crystal felt like her life was crumbling and that she was to blame.

But God didn't leave her at rock bottom. Instead, that jarring experience was the spark Crystal needed to do the hard work and make a life-altering transformation in how she parented.

In this raw, personal account, Crystal shares the hard-won lessons of how she shifted from results-based parenting to a love-centered model of raising her kids.

In Love-Centered Parenting, Crystal will

· show you how to stop parenting for your own approval and reputation
· share the four most important choices you can make as a parent
· help you get your kids to talk to you
· reveal the no-fail secret to launching your kids

At a time when parenting is more complicated than ever, this is the message that will bring you freedom, hope, and healing.

"Love-Centered Parenting is a book that belongs on every parent's bedside table."--JEANNIE CUNNION, author of Mom Set Free

"Love-Centered Parenting will help you cling to the grace of Christ in a way that will make you a better--and freer--parent."--SISSY GOFF, author of Raising Worry-Free Girls


"In reading this book, I'm struck by the way Crystal speaks the truth with vast amounts of both humility and love. Her voice reminds you that you're not alone in your fears or your failures. Love-Centered Parenting will not only help you give yourself grace, but help you cling to the grace of Christ in a way that will make you a better--and freer--parent."

Sissy Goff, LPC-MHSP, director of child and adolescent counseling, Daystar Counseling Ministries; author of Raising Worry-Free Girls

"Love-Centered Parenting is a book that belongs on every parent's bedside table. What makes this book so powerful and unique is that Crystal writes honestly and humbly from her own experience of growing from a mama who thought she had to get it all right to a mama who's learned to trust the transforming power of God's grace in her kids' lives. Love-Centered Parenting will inspire you to rest in your freedom in Christ and empower you to reflect God's heart to your kids."

Jeannie Cunnion, author of Mom Set Free

"Full of real-life examples and practical steps to take toward change, Love-Centered Parenting is the go-to guide for every mom who feels lost in motherhood. With heartfelt humility and vulnerability, Crystal gives us permission to not have it all together and ultimately points us to the One who does. I really love this book!"

Ruth Schwenk, founder of and author of The Better Mom Devotional and Pressing Pause

"If you're at the end of your rope . . . if you've done everything right and it's still all wrong . . . if you're ready for a full pivot from what has been to what can be . . . this is your book. Crystal's honest, brave story of redemption, and the God who brings beauty from ashes, will reshape and challenge the way you think about parenting. This is a must-read for real parents who need real help."

Brooke McGlothlin, cofounder of Million Praying Moms, author of Gospel-Centered Mom: The Freeing Truth about What Your Kids Really Need

"Love-Centered Parenting is about parenting with humility--and since humility brings wisdom, it's what every parent needs! By bravely sharing her story and what God revealed during a dark season, Crystal gives hope to moms who desire stronger relationships and healthier dynamics at home. Crystal's advice is practical, timeless, and Christ centered. This beautiful love story about a mother's personal journey will inspire you to generously give grace and love your children well!"

Kari Kampakis, author of Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter

"What if we parented knowing we are loved and set free? Crystal not only asks readers that question but relays how it's possible as she vulnerably shares relatable stories from her own parenting journey. You'll find yourself implementing the shared strategies before you even turn the last page."

Erin Port, creator of Simple Purposeful Living

"The message Crystal shares in this book was exactly what I needed to hear right now as a mom of four little ones. It touched me deeply, brought me to tears at times, and ultimately left me feeling encouraged and equipped with godly, practical wisdom for my parenting journey. I highly recommend this book and will be rereading it for sure."

Rebekah Gaspar, creator of, stay-at-home mother of four

"As a mom of eight kids, I have read countless formula-centered parenting books only to be disappointed in the results. Through heartfelt, personal experiences, Crystal takes us right back to Scripture to remind us who we are in Christ first, so we are free to pursue the heart of love-centered parenting."

Julie Schultz, homeschool mom

"Love-Centered Parenting is encouraging and powerful and has caused me to reevaluate how I am raising my children. Crystal explains the changes she made in an eloquent and easy-to-understand manner. She has given me hope that I can make similar changes and grow closer to my children."

Lindsay Jones, real estate broker, Sell with Jones Real Estate Professionals; mother of two

"In Love-Centered Parenting, through the lens of growing in our own relationship with Christ, Crystal pulls from her parenting experiences and shares a wealth of practical wisdom that will challenge your perspective on what it looks like to lavishly love your children! A needed and impactful message for any parent!"

Bethany Beasley

"Crystal's journey of parenting through love and grace will bring you to tears. Both of sorrow and joy. Parenting is hard, but with the many tools she has laid out so beautifully this book will leave you ready to take it on with passion!"

Nichole Jordan, mother of seven and foster mom to thirteen

"Raw, vulnerable, and beautifully crafted, Love-Centered Parenting instills a feeling of hope for parents who are tired or feel like they don't measure up. Crystal walks hand in hand with us and teaches how to parent from a place of love as we learn to parent alongside Jesus Christ."

Micah Klug, homeschooling mom of five

"While reading this book, I never felt judged. Instead, I felt loved. I felt seen, heard, and empowered. Crystal opens her heart up in a vulnerable and heart-wrenching way that only another mama can. This book is truly the best gift you could give to a parent in your life."

Kathryn Owens, realtor, Brooke Group Real Estate with eXp Realty; music teacher turned stay-at-home mother of two, now turned realtor

"Refreshing is the best way to describe Love-Centered Parenting. Crystal blesses others by encouraging them through her honesty and heartfelt lessons as a mom. Parenting for my kids and not my reputation, along with her sharing how to lean in and love our kids has blessed me beyond measure."

Stephanie Lloyd, Choose Happy Podcast--Life, Love and Family, wife, homeschool mom and podcaster, mother of five and stepmother of three

"As a severe-food-allergy mom, this book has been a life changer. Crystal shared truth and encouragement through relatable and raw personal stories. I found myself saying, 'Same here!' again and again, which inspired me to put her thoughts into action in my parenting and life. It's a must-read!"

Corinna Meckelborg, founder of Friendly Pantry Consulting, mother of two

"I wish I had read this book when my kids were younger, but there are plenty of practical tips reassuring me that I can still make real improvements in my relationships with my kids. I appreciate Crystal's faith-based, practical encouragement and storytelling throughout."

Dawn Aldridge, owner of

"Crystal masterfully uses her vulnerable story to help us parent from a place of love-centered rest, rather than performance-based stress. Filled with practical tools and heartfelt encouragement, this is the book I wish I had read when my four adult children were babies."

Kimberlee Stokes, owner of

"Do you remember bringing home your first baby from the hospital and thinking, 'Now what?' There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for raising good kids. But in this guide, Crystal offers sound advice and practical strategies for loving and guiding your children well through relationship rather than rules."

Becca Thomas, RN,, mother of three

"Crystal has done a beautiful job diving into what our job as parents should be, not what we think it should be. Her breakdown of ways we can be love centered in our parenting and sharing what that looks like for her and her family is an invaluable gift!"

Lora Vann, work-from-home mom of two

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