Love After Marriage

A Journey Into Deeper Spiritual, Emotional and Sexual Oneness

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Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Marriage!

God designed marriage to be a relationship in which we experience genuine love and intimacy, but sometimes we experience anger, hurt or a lack of connection with our spouse instead. Barry and Lori Byrne show you how to invite the Holy Spirit to play an active role in helping, healing and restoring your marriage. The proven strategies in this book, used in the Byrnes' successful Love After Marriage workshops, provide a helpful structure to create authentic vulnerability and transparency--key ingredients for a godly, loving marital relationship. Learn how to discern and overcome the spiritual cause of conflicts and other relational problems to arrive at fuller reconciliation and restoration.

God wants married couples to enjoy deep sexual intimacy along with a strong emotional connection. Read stories from the Byrnes' own experience and testimonies from couples in their workshops that illustrate the dramatic healing and freedom God provides when we pursue, with His guidance, a greater level of sexual oneness. Gain a new understanding of God's intention for marriage--and find new hope for greater connection and intimacy with your spouse--through the teaching, activities and tools provided in Love After Marriage.


We are happy to recommend this book. We are equally happy to commend to you Barry and Lori Byrne. They live this message, impart it and have paid a price to make it available to us all.

Bill and Beni Johnson, senior pastors, Bethel Church, Redding, California

Love After Marriage is more than a book; it is a training manual for everyone longing for an extraordinary love affair with their spouse and a marriage manifesto for couples who are interested in strengthening their relationship with one another. We highly recommend this book to everyone.

Kris and Kathy Vallotton, senior associate leaders, Bethel Church, Redding, California

Within this book is a refreshing and redemptive approach to love and commitment that will strengthen your own relationship with your spouse and release grace for your family. Barry and Lori's ministry is powerful not only because of the truths they teach but also because their lives are the very message.

Banning Liebscher, director of Jesus Culture

The Authors

  1. Barry Byrne

    Barry Byrne

    Barry Byrne ( is a licensed marriage and family therapist with thirty years of professional experience. He teaches in the Bethel School of Transformation and supervises the counselors of the Transformation Center.

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  2. Lori Byrne

    Lori Byrne

    Lori Byrne ( is the community life pastor at Bethel Church. As a fourth generation pastor, she brings a wealth of experience and excels at connecting and building intimate relationships within the church.

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