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series: Prairie Legacy

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Her Character Has Been Shaped and Tempered by Both Adversity and Triumph...

If Virginia could have chosen to accept or discard all the changes that came her way, she gladly would have let most of them pass right by herself and her family. She loved her life--living on the farm with her beloved Jonathan and their children, not far from her parents and her grandparents. But a change that is tearing at her heart is the gradual but steady physical decline in Grandma Marty and Grandpa Clark. She cannot imagine their familiar farm home without their welcoming smiles and their words of wisdom that arise from of decades of life experiences and a solid faith in God.

And their lovely daughter Mindy, who has blessed their home ever since her mother left the tiny child with them, has been encouraged and guided to pray for that mother all these years. Was God answering that prayer, or was the worst nightmare any family could face now upon them?

The Author

  1. Janette Oke

    Janette Oke

    Bestselling author Janette Oke is celebrated for her significant contribution to the Christian book industry. Her novels have sold more than 30 million copies, and she is the recipient of the ECPA President's Award, the CBA Life Impact Award, the Gold...

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"How she [Victoria] grows and develops as she raises her children, with special problems relating to Mindy, her foster child, makes exciting reading.ÃÆ'‚¬Å¡ Readers who enjoy light, good fiction have a winner in this book!" --Church & Synagogue Libraries, Mar/Apr 2001

"This title concludes Oke's best series in recent years. A PRAIRIE LEGACY, about two friends, Virginia Simpson and Jenny Woods, the proverbial good and bad girls who meet in high school. Jenny's daring ways tempt Virginia, but in the end, Virginia finds her man and becomes a loyal wife. Meanwhile, Jenny follows a godless path that leaves her so destitute she cannot even care for her daughter.ÃÆ'‚¬Å¡ Oke's tale is much about friendship as the wages of sin." --Booklist, Oct. 1, 2001

"Virginia is completely overwhelmed with the circumstances in her life. Losses loom on the horizon: elderly grandparents who can no longer stay on the family farm; her nephew Slate, who longs to leave for a home of his own; her brother Danny and his wife, who leave for Kenya; and Mindy, whom Virginia has raised as her own daughter but who may be torn away from the ones she loves by a cold-hearted birth mother. 'That's how life is,' Virginia tells Mindy. 'Things just keep being... different.' Virginia has always dreaded and fought change. Now, can she embrace it? In this fourth volume of the PRAIRIE LEGACY series, bestselling author Janette Oke gently opens a window into the life of a close-knit family trying to find its way through bewildering times. In her own quiet-paced, inimitable style, she examines the role that change plays in our lives and how we are shaped--or broken--by it. Longtime fans of this inspirational author will find no big shocks or surprises here. Just vintage Oke."