Life in the Son, Revised and Updated Edition

A Study of the Doctrine of Perseverance

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A deep study on the doctrine of eternal security

Does one moment of faith secure a person's eternal destiny with God--even if that person later stops following and trusting in Jesus? Or does a person have to keep on trusting and following Jesus to remain in a saving relationship with God?

Now expanded with new chapters and research, this landmark book continues to offer one of the most penetrating studies on the controversial doctrine of eternal security, perseverance, and apostasy in the New Testament. Calling into question the popular "once saved, always saved" belief, internationally respected pastor and scholar Dr. Robert Shank reveals that the question we should be asking is not, "Is the believer secure?" but rather, "What does it mean to be a believer?"

Straightforward, thorough, and grounded in biblical understanding, this book warns Christians about dangers that could potentially lead a believer to become an unbeliever (falling away from faith) and share in the unbeliever's eternal condemnation.

The Author

  1. Robert Shank

    Robert Shank

    Dr. Robert Shank (1918-2006) ministered for more than 60 years as a preacher, author, and teacher. He was respected internationally among Bible scholars for his significant books in the field of biblical theology, many of which are still used in seminaries and...

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