Las prácticas de la predicación cristiana

Rudimentos para la proclamación eficaz

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6. Preach Creatively

Chapter 6 - Introduction

Chapter 6 - Collaborator Dicussion

Collaborator Discussion Questions

  1. Matthew Kim pointed out that a lot of preachers are one dimensional in that they do not challenge themselves to preach from different genres of Scripture. What tendencies do you have towards being one-dimensional in your approach to genres and other areas?

  2. Kenyatta Gilbert mentioned that a lectionary tradition can be life-giving to preachers who are used to a “preacher’s choice” approach. How would you describe your approach (or your church’s approach) to the selection of texts? What are some of the benefits and liabilities to that approach?

  3. Jerusha Matsen Neal described Paul’s “theological imagination.” He could see “what was not” yet in existence when articulating his vision for the Church. How are preachers also called to see what is not yet in existence when they preach?

  4. Ahmi Lee suggested that creativity originates with God and is a gift of the Holy Spirit. How does this challenge traditional understandings of creativity? How does it bring you comfort? How does it challenge you?

  5. Jared Alcántara claimed that Jesus invited people to imagine the world the way God sees it. How do you think Jesus did this, and why do you think Jesus did it?