Las prácticas de la predicación cristiana

Rudimentos para la proclamación eficaz

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5. Preach Clearly

Chapter 5 - Introduction

Chapter 5 - Collaborator Discussion

Collaborator Discussion Questions

  1. Jerusha Matsen Neal talked about the difference between concrete details and significant concrete details. Spend some time reflecting on a sermon that you heard that included a significant concrete detail. What was the detail, and why was it significant?

  2. Kenyatta Gilbert warned that swinging the pendulum too far toward a propositional approach undermines our capacity to experience the mystery of God. How do we avoid this danger without forsaking a commitment to concreteness?

  3. Matthew Kim pointed out that concreteness allows us to wrap our minds around what would otherwise baffle us. He gave the example of putting on the full armor of God and how each piece has a necessary function. Think of and write down other examples in Scripture where biblical writers use analogies, metaphors, or other forms of concreteness in order to enhance their readers’ understanding.

  4. Ahmi Lee suggested that if we are too concrete we will exclude certain people. As you reflect on the illustrations you choose and the applications you provide in your sermons, in what ways might they inadvertently be exclusionary?