Las prácticas de la predicación cristiana

Rudimentos para la proclamación eficaz

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2. Preach Convictionally

Chapter 2 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Collaborator Discussion

Collaborator Discussion Questions

  1. Ahmi Lee offered a helpful analogy on the call to preach when she talked about how, as kids, we received shoes or clothing that was too big for at Christmas or on birthdays. Our parents told us: “You’ll grow into it.” As you reflect on your own call to preach, how and why might your call feel “too big” for you? How have you grown into it already? How do you need to grow into it in the future?

  2. Kenyatta Gilbert reminded preachers: “You have something to say to us. Give God your offering.” What obstacles keep you from having something to say?

  3. Matthew Kim told a story about praying through the membership roles at his church each week and how that not only helped him love his congregation, but it also helped his preaching. He also talked about the correlation between the Holy Spirit and preaching. How and why does prayer matter to the practice of preaching? How do you relate your theology of the Holy Spirit to your understanding of preaching?

  4. Dr. Matsen Neal talked about living in Fiji and the importance of fasting ahead of the sermon. She also described how it was a communal practice and not just an individual practice. Spend some time reflecting on how prayer and fasting relate to preaching as individual practices and as communal practices. Also, what would that look like in your context?